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Favourite website: Moshi Monsters Favourite anime: Elfen Lied Favourite manga: Death Note Favourite colour: Very dark orange Favourite YouTube video:

Hi, I’m Lmummery!

Hi there everyone! My Moshi Monsters username is Lmummery, and I am going to be a new worker for MME. I am really happy to be working here with everyone, since MME is the most awesome Moshi Monsters site! 😀 I like to be creative, so I draw a lot and make things with clay. Here’s my Moshi Room below:



I’ve been on Moshi Monsters for 2 years and 2 months, and I am Monstar B with over 49,000 visits to my room. My monster is a Poppet named Pompom, and I was MonSTAR Of The Month in the issue 20 Moshi Monsters Magazine. My rooms are filled with a lot of stuff, since I get a lot of secret codes from the merchandise I collect.

My YouTube channel username is: ecamba123

I unbox a lot of Moshi Monsters merchandise, and review it too. I recently uploaded a Series 7 unboxing, since they recently came out and the figures are awesome!

I can’t wait to start working with all the others, and I hope my post wasn’t too boring ;3


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