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Thank you all for your help with helping MME reach 2,000,000 hits we couldn’t have done it with out your help! We would really like you all to continue to blog and continue to support MME! We’d really appreciate it if you’d take a look at these pages designed for Moshi Monsters bloggers. Thank You!

  • Support Widgets Page!
  • Blogroll Requirements Page!
  • More Coming Soon!

If you do this and help and let us know, you can:

  • Win an exclusive one-use code?
  • Win a place on MME’s Blogroll?
  • Win a place on MME’s AdSpace?
  • Win a special post about your blog
  • And More Coming Soon!

Get Blogging and Supporting!

72 thoughts on “Moshi Bloggers

  1. Hi MMe!!! THanks for your support I luv your site!!!!! BTW, pls check if I can be one of the staff b’cause I got loads of free time!!! THX!!!!

  2. so sorry fire, it won’t work 😦 bad luck for me i could put your wordpress rofile pic and make a link so when you clck on it it takes you to your site 🙂

  3. hi I will tell all my friends and tell them to tell there friends keep giving the message because you guys rock or should I say ROX

  4. Hello fire
    i think your website is awesome
    could you put an intro about moshi monsters on it
    by the way add me i,m jemarocks

  5. you know that you allways got codes to blingo and they do not work doe somewone know if its a good point ore is it just fake codes.

      • Ok, no problem! Hey, please can you put a banner for my website on yours! And is there any chance I can work on your site in MME 3.0?

      • Nope. Sorry we dont take to askers. We dont know you enough anyway. We have limited space so we may add you to our blogroll in 2013’s 3.0. update.

      • Maybe if you read my work, you would like it?
        I would really appreciate an advert or something, even if you just add me to your blog roll. I will put an advert on mine, if you put one on yours!

      • We dont take to blackmailing like that, we give you a one use secret code and a gift, and in some cases you are added to our blogroll. If you keep on asking you’re blocked from our additionlist.

      • I’m not trying to blackmail you! I just thought you might like my work, but sorry if you thought that! Thanks for putting me on the additionlist! :p

      • Blackmailing is where you say you’ll do something if we do something else. I am not allowed to comment if I like your site or not… I wonder…

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