About Moshi Monsters Expressway!

Welcome to Moshi Monsters Expressway! Our blog is a blog that has been around the Moshi Monsters view since August 2010! We’re almost three whole years old making us one of the oldest Moshi blogs around! Moshi Monsters Expressway, also known as ‘MME’, offers you Moshi Updates, Moshi News, Over 250 Secret Codes, Over 100 Moshling Codes, All the Mission Guides, Monstro City Guides, Tips, Secrets, Membership Contents and all the Moshi information you will need!

All the fun starts here, as the MME community continues to grow and progress with success! Moshi Monsters Expressway is now on your favourite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

Moshi Monsters Expressway was created on 5th August 2010, by 2009fire15 – or as the workers and his friends like to call him, ‘Fire!’ 2009fire15 is the owner of the MME site. Posts and pages are written by our fabulous eight authors who are: 2009Fire15, Rosscp, Lukey140701, Moshlinginfo, Lmummery, Mrwallop and Goldenchildngo all with their own amazing achievements and talents! Please click on the words to go to their staff page!

Back then there was just a WordPress site, with no authors or workers,  Just 2009fire15 himself. It started with just tens of views per day. Then MME community then got bigger as Moshi Monsters grew. By the end of 2010, less than five months in, Moshi Monsters Expressway had just over 50,000 views!

MME’s second official worker was Lukey140701, he was hired in February 2011 and has been working here keeping you all up to date with whats going on in the Moshi world! He posted – and still does post dozens of Moshi Monsters information, helping to make MME even more popular then ever!. By Mid-2011, MME had racked up over 450,000 views!

More months went by, with hundreds of new posts. Hundreds of fans and the blog became Moshi Monsters’ Number One Blog! Moshi Monsters visited often and left comments too! In fact in December 2010, 2009fire15 the owner even got a shout out on the Daily Growl for his fantastic work!

MME continued to grow stronger in 2011, although 2009fire15 struggled to post often in the second half, and by January 2012, it was time for him to sort this out!

By January 2012, Moshi Monsters Expressway was growing and growing even more, with a massive view count of over 900,000 views! Getting closer and closer and closer to 1,000,000 hits, that would just be amazing!

On January 7th 2012, Rosscp was hired! He has helped MME grow stronger and stronger and posted some Secret Codes and Top Moshi Info before any other blog helping MME to grow their fanbase, as 2009fire15 and Lukey140701 could not update the blog daily and he could!

On February 5th, 2012, Moshi Monsters Expressway had hit 1,000,000 views! We were astonished and so so so so happy! Thanks to our fans we reached so many views! Onw million views brought a huge on-site party and lots of one-use secret codes and membership codes were given away to lucky viewers! Loads of monsters were on the chat throughout the day and thousands of views jumped in!

In April 2012, MME was doing great! We reached lots of views that month and  we had our most popular day to that point with over 6,000 views recieved! Then the next day it was topped again with 6,500 views – which still remains as our top daily views number! It was the most popular month to date! Here’s a cool fact: In one second, 55 monsters we on the homepage all at once, which was a record that still stands today!

In April 2012, Moshlinginfo was hired!

Summer came by with: More posts, more views, and we got bigger and bigger. We managed to launch our FaceBook and recieve 250 likes! 2009fire15 took a short break from Moshi and Moshi Monsters Expressway and came back in the autumn!

Starting August 5th and during the autumn we planned for a new update, MME 3.0, that finally launched after almost a year of planning on May 25th 2013!

By the end of 2012, MME had a total of over 1,750,000 views!

In the first four months of 2013, many Moshi blogs lacked views – including MME, which made us struggle to reach our 2,000,000 goal for 3.0. to be activated!….

Early-Mid 2013 brought more Moshi fun and lots of vital changes in the game, as well as brand new moshi merchandise being released.

On May 25th 2013, Moshi Monsters Expressway 3.0 was released along with a new look, new pages, new workers, a new theme, new widgets, more tidy, more proffesional, efficient and more fun!

June 2013 seen Mightiest Moshling 2013 released along with our views revamped, MME was getting more views! Then on June 23rd 2013 during some Testing Issues, MME’s domain was changed to moshimonstersexpressway2013.wordpress.com, MME lost thousands of views unfortunatley, but then it was fixed shortly after!

It took a little while to regain views, but we got there in the end with over 2,500 views a day, back on the road to getting views again. We reached 2,100,000 views, just two months after 3.0!

The summer of 2013 saw increased views for MME, we hosted the Mightiest Moshling- which sadly had to be cancelled, and the Moshling Cup competition.

On August 5th 2013, we celebrated MME’s 3rd Birthday with a party, codes, and lots and lots of views were received! In October, we planned to host the “MME Awards” that would commence on November 15th! We celebrated Halloween in style, with an awesome MME Halloween theme. We gave away lots of codes!

November and December were amazing at MME! In November, we hosted the MME Awards! They brought thousands of extra views! Over 22,000 votes were cast! We had some amazing winners, including our grand winner who was TheMoshiMonsterKitty! In December we celebrated Christmas! We gave away a free Shambles code to one lucky viewer!  All these extra views brung our MME Views Total for 2013 to an amazing 721,000! Our best day of the year was December 31st – we got a massive 6,601 views – almost breaking our daily views record!

2014 started on a high – on January 2nd we reached 2,500,000 views!

185 thoughts on “About

  1. hey fire come pandanda i ahve made a new account my user is mmkhanny come on the sever willow

    Hey people make a pandanda if you want i even have a bin weevil make a bin weevil if you want 🙂

  2. Well i dont know how much difference Aus and Canada are but they are pretty far apart since im in southern hemisphere and you’re in northern.

    Some examples of my image editing work include these Fake Moshling Pranks I used april Fools day!

    I can edit almost any image and take any PC footage u can imagine!

  3. Dear Fire,
    I’m a huge fan of your blog! I want to join your log as Graphic Organizer
    I have software to Record PC Screen, I have ultimute screenshot editing skills and the latest image editing technology all on my fully accessable Personal Laptop 😀

    I am prepared to pass any tests or show you any examples of my work all i want is to be a part of you awesome blog 😀
    I can access internet anytime of the day at all, so i will never be late or offline when u need me!

    My email is juliasspare@gmail.com. Please come back to me on all this later and I promise I will be an excellent staff member :P!
    Add me on Moshi (I am A member)


  4. OMG 2009fire15 I got 3 bro’s too 0 sisters. Bored sometimes I have a invisible Friend though but I still be bored and I have over 100 cousins coz I don’t know how many cousins I have!!!!!!!!!!! One of them is just born and has kinda the same name not exactly the same but a bit like 3 letters of it is the same like Ama those letters are the starting and the other 2 near the end are different. Mine is ni (At the end) And mu cousin is ra (At the end) My name is Arabic and so is my cousin’s. Have a Happy 2011 everyone!

    • Oh Hi!! Honeydew Is An Awesome Friend!!
      Oh And ROXY Is NOT 3 Rox Flowers Because It Is ULTRA RARE, And A ULTRA RARE Cannot Have Rox Flowers, Rox Flowers Are NOT Flowers, They Will NOT Get You ANY Moshling.
      TOBE Has ROXY And Some Other Dude Has ROXY Too, But I Forget His Name.
      Yes, I Really Want ROXY Too. I have Wasted OVER 2,000 Rox On Her Just By Planting RANDOM Rox Flowers.
      Roxy Is An Amazing Moshing!
      Thanks For Commenting!!

      • hi 2009fire15

        we may not be friends but i know how to get roxy you have to add me
        to know how to get roxy

        please add me to get roxy

      • 2009fire15
        do you know how to change the picture cause u have and i want to do that too
        so can u tell me i have roxy and she is so cool
        my name is hi6pie7bye and i wanted to be ur friend so can i
        this site is so cool and my friend has got all the codes
        i’d like to shot up some of my friends and they r bannas704 and cats123401 and maddiestean
        peace up people and u r so cool

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