MME 3.0

three.0header Moshi Monsters Expressway is finally here, over almost ten whole months of planning since August 2012. MME 3.0 launched on Saturday, May 25th! 

Why 3.0?
MME was updated to 3.0 following the success of his blog ‘Pandanda Fire’s big update, Pandanda Fire 3.0. Our next update would be 3.0! It was a sign! We decided to update in early August, aiming to release in late August, but we soon realised this was never gonna happen! MME needed a brand new look, updated more, looking neat and tidy and less messy! 3.0 would bring this and a whole lot more!

New Features
3.0 brought over 25 brand new pages for you to enjoy, along with our old pages reupdated. We brought you a few new authors called ‘Lmummery’, ‘Mrwallop’, and  ‘Goldenchildngo’ with more to come after the update due to unforseen circumstances. We also hired some volentary background workers, providing the Moshi Monters Expressway team with some new exclusive information, exclusively revealed at Moshi Monsters Expressway! The widgets on the sidebar were freshly updated! We gave ourselves a new theme! We became much faster along with many new changes to the way Moshi Monsters Expressway works!

Thank you for your time, please take a few moments to complete a feedback survey, of your views of 3.0!

Click here for our survey!

Like the update?

66 thoughts on “MME 3.0

  1. @ Fire: Who wil be posting the: ”Best fan of the Month”?
    Sorry if it’s a bad question 🙂

  2. LOL! I can’t wait until the 3.0 update! I had no idea that this website could get any cooler than it already is! I am your biggest fan! In fact, I try to go on this website every day, when I get the chance. I love to write comments and vote for the polls. You rock!

    • We aren’t accepting any new workers for a while.
      The next time we will hire is in May or June.
      We hope your interested then! Stay tuned to MME as we will post info in the following months! 🙂

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  4. I will tell you some rox code:-moshimagrox,apink20.secretrox,thefizzbangs,brainy101,readerbouns6glamrox8heartflower3yellowphone

  5. i think we should get emailed weekly for notifications on wats going on and i think you should make contest for people and they can put their names up if they want to enter! The contest can be about how you dress your house or even your profile!!! 🙂 hoped i helped cya later!

  6. would you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee add me please!!!!!!!! i am alizamil1

  7. Ohh, a contributor is kind of an author but there posts are saved as pending and then an editor or admin has to approve them or look at them. Like when you invite an author you can invite a contributor. It’s a good idea for when you are looking at the author/contributors skills 😉

    • Lol I honestly don’t know. All I know is it begins with a B. I saved it as Hollywood file. So I know it as YT Video Title 1 . Lol sorry mate.

  8. Hi MME! I just wanted to say thanks for everything you give out. Your codes are useful. I’m DEFINETLY WITHOUT A DOUBT YOUR FAN.Anyway, my idea for your new page is that you could set up a ” rating page ” for the best moshimonster, moshling, missions,or just stuff you love about moshimonstes!

  9. I like these ideas:

    -New Blog Style/Theme
    -All Pages Updated/Refurbished
    -Brand New Authors (I can be one?)
    -Page Titles on Every Page
    -Loads More Added Pages
    -Brand New Chat and Chat Workers
    -Comments Approved Even Faster
    -More Code Competitions/Contests
    -Moshi Monsters Expressway Facebook Updated
    -Moshi Monsters Expressway YouTube
    -Daily Fact Button on sidebar
    -Complete Sidebar Makeover
    -Much More Faster
    -New Blog Icon
    -MME Blog Logo
    -Pages about MME Workers
    -Brand New Featured Post
    -Updates Every Single Day
    -Daily Challenge Leaderboard
    -Star of the Month Running Again
    -Room of the Month Restarting
    -Blog of the Month Coming!
    -New Mission Guides
    -New Polls on Polls Page
    -New MMEMM Site and Page
    -MME Calander
    -Downloadable Guides and Codes etc.

    I can’t wait to see the updates! 🙂

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