Mega Moshling News!

Hey Everyone!
This week’s been mad for Moshling news, so much is being discovered! Today, four new Moshlings have been released in to the Moshling Zoo, along with two brand new Moshling sets and more discoveries!

As this is a long post, please continue reading to find out the new Moshling news!

Moshi Monsters have released two new sets in to the Moshling Zoo, today, they are:

The Salties (Containing Lubber)

The Legends (Containing Mrs. Snoodle)
Legends1 Legends2

Four New Moshlings have been released in the zoo, including Lubber in the Salties, Mrs. Snoodle in the Legends, Dribbles in the Sporties and Nutmeg in the Nutties!
Unfortunately, at the moment we can only catch Nutmeg and Dribbles!



We already know how to get Nutmeg and Dribbles, which is epic! Lubber can be caught through the SEA LIFE adventure, but what about Mrs. Snoodle – we’ll just have to wait and see! Personally, I think we’ll get her with Moshi Monsters: The Movie on DVD!

Here are some extra facts also discovered today:

  • Shizzle will be the last Moshling to feature in the Hipsters!
  • Shimmy will feature in the Salties along with Linton and Lubber!
  • Toots will feature in the Musos along with Hot Wings!
  • Shoney’s animation has been discovered – showing you soon!

Woah! Four New Moshlings! Amazing! What do you think? Are you getting Nutmeg or Dribbles, do you have them already? Comment down below and let us know!

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16 thoughts on “Mega Moshling News!

  1. Lubber is not fair to the Moshi Fans in the US. There really should be another way to get the UK exclusive moshlings for the US fans.

    • I agree with you, even though I live in Scotland, UK, England is always the favourite. However, you will be pleased to know that it has been confirmed that Lubber will be released through a different method after the SEA LIFE activity is over! 🙂

  2. Hi MME! I have recently been posted issue 40 of the magazine and on the competition page, under the soft toys it said “each moshling comes with a code to unlock that moshling in-game” and mrs snoodle is one so that is how you will get mrs snoodle (dribbles and nutmeg are ones too!)

    • So I emailed Moshi monsters about Mrs. Snoodle, and they said her seed combo hasn’t been confirmed and that they are working on it. So it might not be the plush after all. They said it is possible her combo could be released on the daily growl. Plus Lubber will be more widely available after Sea Life. Sea Life ends in November!!

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