EXCLUSIVE: Brand New Moshlings Coming Soon! Time to get excited!

NewMoshlingsHeaderHey Everyone,
After recently discovering Lubber, I’ve stumbled accross some brand new Moshlings! Before I share the details, I’d like to thank our friends over at the Moshi Monsters Wiki for the amazing discoveries that they have made!
Thanks guys, especially monkeysnoring71!

Please click on ‘Click Here’ to continue reading!

AllNewCollectorsGuideThere is a brand new book that’s coming soon, named ‘The All New Moshlings Collector’s Guide’ The book comes out on June 5th, this year and will be the third Moshling Collectors Book! On the cover it has a selection of newer Moshlings as well as some brand new never seen before Moshlings! “The world’s number one Moshlingologist, Buster Bumblechops, has been very busy collecting new Moshlings. From Cranky Codfathers to Glamster Hamsters, this must-have official guide reveals everything you need to know about the very latest Moshlings in Monstro City.”

The book also comes with an exclusive in-game Moshling code! I wonder who it will be for! There’s just less than three months until the release of the book, so we’ve got a little while to wait before we can get the information on all these amazing, brand new Moshlings, as well as the Moshling code you get when you buy the book! Will you be buying the ‘All New Moshling Collector’s Guide?

Next, I have a few ‘concept art’ images of new Moshlings. Concept art is drawings of the first ideas of a Moshlings – ideas are later developed and improved.
conceptart1 conceptart2 conceptart3Please be aware these are just first sketches, and these Moshlings may not appear in-game for a long period of time – some may not appear at all. 

Last up, I have a few older images of some new Moshlings spotted at the London Toy Fair.


I wonder who this is..


A slopcorn Moshling!


Is this Squelch?

Unfortunately, we’re reaching the end of this post! I hope you have enjoyed this post about all these brand new Moshlings! Moshi seem to have so many moshlings awaiting release right now!

Comment down below and tell us what your favourite new Moshling is, and what Moshling you want to be released next!

Happy Monstering!

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