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Full Series 9 Review!


Hey Everyone, a few weeks ago, Vivid Imaginations, the people who make the Moshi Monsters figures and majority of Moshi merchandise, sent me a package of a full set of Series 9 Figures to review for MME fans!

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How to get Dribbles Moshling on Moshi Monsters


Driblbles #141 (Sporties; Common)

  • NAME: Dribbles the Boinging Ball
  • SET: Sporties
  • NUMBER: 141
  • RARITY: Common
  • COMBINATION: Any Dragon Fruit, Any Snap Apple, Any Crazy Daisy


Released on March 7th 2014. Soccer ball/football.

Introducing the Moshlings that love a good kick about, especially if it involves being booted into the back of a net. Goooooal! Famed for their incredible, bounce ability and competitive streak, Boinging Balls are forever taking deep breaths to avoid being deflated, and will even go in goal if you ask nicely.

Likes and Dislikes:
-Likes: Rolling around in mud and big silvery cups.
-Dislikes: Penalty shoot-outs and red cards.

Source(s): Moshi Wiki

Enjoy! Thanks for viewing! Have fun with Dribbles! Do you have him? COMMENT!

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How to get Nutmeg Moshling on Moshi Monsters


Nutmeg #146 (Nutties; Uncommon)

NAME: Nutmeg the Woodland Walnut
SET: Nutties
RARITY: Uncommon
COMBINATION: Yellow Star Blossom, Any Hot Silly Peppers, Any Hot Silly PeppersNutmeg_Combo

First appeared in advertisements for the ‘Summer of Moshlings’ event, then Nutmeg was featured in the Moshi Magazine and as a Moshling figure, before being released, in the Moshling Zoo on March 7th.

Staunch, passionate, caring.

Serious nature nuts, these eco-friendly Moshlings are always trying to protect the Moshi environment from interfering Monsters. When they are not hugging trees or whistling folk music to endangered naffodils, Woodland Walnuts enjoy shining their leafy ears with organic dewdrops.

Likes: Orienteering and 
Gardening shows.
Dislikes: Threshing machines and petrol-heads.

You can find Nutmeg in the tall grass of Wiggledeed Woods but they are often out in Buster Bumblechops’ secret bio-dome.

SourcE: Moshi Wiki

Enjoy! Thanks for viewing! Have fun with Nutmeg! Do you have him? COMMENT!

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Shoney Moshling – Combination REVEALED!


Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity in my posts! Been really busy! Anyways, I was on Twitter today and found the combination for Shoney! Furthermore, this combination was released in the Moshi Mag, which just came out a few hours ago in the United Kingdom.

This combination does not work yet, as Shoney isn’t released. However when Shoney is released (soon) this is the combination/seeds you will have to plant:

Shoney Combo

                                      Red Silly, Red Moon, Black Moon
                                  Shoney- #019, Naughties, Amazin Blazin’ Raisin’, Ultra Rare

                                 MME – FIRST ON THE WEB TO POST THIS! (2009Fire15)

Again, don’t get too excited and start planting- this is just a leaked combination that I found. When Shoney is released, these are the flowers/seeds you will need to obtain him! (Video animation of Shoney, coming soon on MME)

Shoney looks AWESOME! In fact I think he should officially be my new logo! Coincidence eh? Hes on FIRE- and my names Fire! haha. What do you think? Which Moshling do you think best represents you? Comment! Best one gets a one time use code!

Stay tuned- Once we know it, we will show it- Only on MME!

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Mega Moshling News!

Hey Everyone!
This week’s been mad for Moshling news, so much is being discovered! Today, four new Moshlings have been released in to the Moshling Zoo, along with two brand new Moshling sets and more discoveries!

As this is a long post, please continue reading to find out the new Moshling news!

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EXCLUSIVE: Brand New Moshlings Coming Soon! Time to get excited!

NewMoshlingsHeaderHey Everyone,
After recently discovering Lubber, I’ve stumbled accross some brand new Moshlings! Before I share the details, I’d like to thank our friends over at the Moshi Monsters Wiki for the amazing discoveries that they have made!
Thanks guys, especially monkeysnoring71!

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