Happy Safer Internet Day! Free Secret Code!

new-codeHey Everyone!
Today is not just a normal Tuesday, oh no, it’s Safer Internet Day! Safer Internet Day happens once per year, Moshi Monsters does something Safer Internet themed each year, this year they’ve gave us a FREE ITEM! Safer Internet Day is all about learning how to stay safe online.

Be sure to watch this video Roary Scrawl and Moshi fan, Danny produced!

1) Don’t share your personal information!
Keep your private and personal information, personal. Don’t share your real name, password, address or anything private.
2) Be Nice!
If you wouldn’t say something to their face, don’t say it online. No one likes an internet troll, if you say nasty things and nasty words you could get yourself banned!
3) Keep talking to an adult!
Talk to a grown-up before you download anything, or if you get worried or stuck about anything, they are there to help!

SID2014Here’s a free Secret Code for the Safer Internet Day item, Sid:

Super Internet Day Item – SID2014

Thank you for reading, everyone! Hope you all have a monsteriffic day, remember to stay safe!


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