How to get Willow the Dainty Deer on Moshi Monsters!


Hey everyone, today I have received news on how to get Willow on Moshi Monsters!
You will have to have downloaded the Moshi Monsters Village app.

  1. Open up your Moshi Village app and go to the gift shop.
  2. Click on the safe icon at the top, then Moshi Monsters Online Code.
  3. Use the unique code and enter it on Moshi Monsters Secret Codes page.Willow1
  4. Visit your Moshling garden and plant the exclusive Twistletoe Berries seed.Willow2
  5. Drag the seed from your inventory. Plant it in a free plot with two other seeds.Willow3
  6. Wait three hours (if you’re a member) or six hours (if you aren’t).
    Willow4 Willow5
  7. Then you will have Willow the Dainty Deer and completed the Frosties!

Special thanks to my friend, Mariojoe11 for providing this information.

That’s all for now. Sorry I’ve not been posting recently, I am quite ill, just managed to do this post with a headache and a cold, I’ll get worse later. 😦 Anyways, comment down below if you will be getting willow, or if you can’t!


20 thoughts on “How to get Willow the Dainty Deer on Moshi Monsters!

  1. I probably can’t get the app because my mom most likely won’t let me.

    I hope you get better soon, Rosscp!

    Oh, and why has the countdown stopped?

      • rosscp do you know why moshi monsters havent allowed the google play to have the app in store?

      • Hi “Lord Ethan”,

        To be honest, I’ve had a few friends who have said they have the app on their android smartphones/tablets. I think it’s something to do with the operating system that it runs on? However, it should still appear in the Google Play store? Strange. Hope this helps.

    • Good! I just checked the countdown page and it IS up and running. One thing though- it doesn’t give the moshling bios for the four days that you missed. Are you going to make up for them at the end of the countdown?

  2. I am so sorry Moshi Monsters Expressway, I am really sad and I cannot download this app, maybe you could give me a code for me?????

    Please Reply

    • Hi Eviebeary111, Sadly MME can’t give you a code, however we may have a giveaway in the future, maybe you have a friend that could give you a code?

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