Moshi Monsters in the News: Glumps Could Be Going!

Hey everyone,
The other day, I was watching the television with my younger siblings. We were watching a news bulletin named Newsround aired on CBBC in the UK, which brings children the latest news. Moshi Monsters were featured and it’s quite sad news so I thought I’d let you all know!

Unfortunately, the video can’t be put on MME, but please click here to view the video!

The video and the news report basically explains that:

A charity for people with facial disfigurements has criticised the makers of Moshi Monsters for creating characters which, they say, reinforce negative views of people with things like scars and spots. Changing Faces is urging people to sign a petition to force Moshi makers Mind Candy to change the name of some of their evil characters.They say names like Fishlips and Freakface make kids connect disfigurement with being bad and could encourage bullying. Mind Candy say they’re sorry for causing offence. Changing Faces says it is particularly concerned about a group of “bad” monsters called Glumps which were introduced in 2011. James Partridge, the founder of Changing Faces, says calling a character from a children’s game Freakface is “like something from the dark ages”. He added: “I’m very surprised by how extraordinarily stubborn some parts of British business are to getting into the 21st Century.” Mind Candy said it is “very sorry that any offence has been caused by our characters”. The company said it was surprised that Changes Faces had launched a petition because it has been talking to the charity since March 2013 and has discussed the possibility of developing storylines to support the charity’s work. It’s not the first time Changing Faces have criticised a product in this way. Last summer they made a similar complaint about Lego. 

Basically, a charity called Changing Faces (that supports kids with facial issues), are complaining that the Glump characters in Moshi Monsters are bad. They are claiming the names for the Glumps are nasty and reinforce negative views of those with spots, scars, and general facial errors. Mind Candy obviously never made Glumps to get at those people!

What do you think?!

Are Glumps good, or are they bad? Should they stay or should they go? Make sure you tell us your opinions in the comments below!


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21 thoughts on “Moshi Monsters in the News: Glumps Could Be Going!

  1. I think that the Glumps should stay. They were not created with a purposeful resemblance to children with disfigurement. They are just a couple of characters on an online game. They are featured in many Missions and pose as a main part in some of them, so it would probably be difficult for Mind Candy to change all that. Also, Glumps are funny and entertaining, which shows there’s a good side to them.

  2. i think the are wrong because glumps are gooey monsters so they have to have wierd names,it would be creepy if the glumps were called jim or frederick.glumps rule .yay! 🙂

  3. What kind of stupid person would do this. Glumps are one of the best things on moshi monsters. If there is any evil people it is them for trying to get rid of major characters from moshi monsters.

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    • i think the glumps are good! why do they need to go? it would not be fun with out them and the moshi missions with the glumps in them would be so boring. So i think its a bit stupid to take them out of moshi monsters.

  5. I do not agree that Glumps should go, as Dr. Strangeglove will not have minions and Moshi Monsters games won’t be that interesting or fun anymore. 😦

  6. I think that is absolutely the most ridicules thing I’ve ever heard. Glumps are fun they may work for Dr.Strangeglove but they are not making fun of real life people who have disfigurements.

  7. Absolutely not! I think Glumps were made for children’s entertainment and were not aimed at children with facial issues. Overall i think Glumps are good! 🙂

  8. i think newsround is wrong, moshi monsters is epic, and moshi monsters expressway is doing a great job and i think your the best!! well done guys!

  9. every childrens stories have the good and the bad…….snow white. hansel and riding hood goldie locks should these be used by the charity as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how else can children learn between good and bad
    the glums are here to teach us
    keep them

    • They should be taken down
      I know I waste 3 years on that site they are using you!
      See for for yourself! ‘Johnbauer1’ is my moshi name

  10. Ridiculous! will this affect all other cartoons and programmes?!!! where does it all end?! it’s a game that children enjoy and is completely innocent.

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