Happy New Year! (2014)

Happy 2014


Happy New Year to all the views of Moshi Monsters Expressway, and YOU reading this! I absolutely have no clue how to thank you guys, but I am so thankful, haha! What a year 2013 has been. All I can say in this paragraph is WOW.

2013 wasn’t the best year in views – but weren’t too far behind from the other years. However 2013 was probably the best! This year we broke many, many, many records! Here’s some accomplishments we achieved as whole in 2013: 

Achievements of MME in 2013:
Most people on in 2013 in one second ~ 46: January 08
-2,000,000 Views: May 28
-MME 3.0: May 25
-MME’s 3rd birthday: August 7
-16,000 comments on MME: August 8
-350 Facebook likes on MME Page: August 10
-YouTube top 100 in Canada: November 15
-500 Instagram Followers: November 30
-Homepage of WordPress.com: December 10
-2,500,000 total YouTube views on Fire’s channel: December 01
-2500 YouTube subscribers on Fire’s channel: December 01
-400 MME Twitter followers: December 19
-First day in 2013 with 1000+ Visitors all at once: December 20
-The MME Awards 22,000+ Votes:  November 15 to December 20
-Most views in one day of 2013 ~ 6,601 Views: December 31
-MME Secret Codes page gets 40,000 views for 2013, totaling to 140,000: December 31

A look back:
January 2013 – New Year fun
February 2013 – Fantastic February contest, Valentines Day fun, Fire’s 14th bday
March 2013 – Instagram launch, St Patricks fun
April 2013 – Easter contest, Easter fun
May 2013 – 2M views, MME 3.0 launch, membership contest
June 2013 – Summer fun, membership contest
July 2013 – Series 7 launch, Beanstalk fun

August 2013 – MME Day, Several contests, 3rd MME bday
September 2013 – Back to school contest, Moshling cup starts, Head over heels song
October 2013 – Moshi VS Ghosts, Halloween fun, Contests, Series 8
November 2013 – Moshi Movie announce, Bafta, New Moshi apps, Remembrance Day
December 2013 – Twistmas giveaway, 100+ new codes, MME Awards, Shambles contest, Mr Moshi OBE Award, Christmas fun, Lukey DG win, Series 9 announce, Moshi Movie, Movie Mystery.

Total Views
2010: 50,000 total views
2011: 855,000 total views
2012: 870,000 total views
2013: 721,000 total views
2014 goal: 750,000-1,000,000
Total 2010-2013: About 2,500,000 Views!


Phew! What a big post! 721,000 total views! WOW thanks so much everyone! MME Awards, missions, videos, music, movies, contests, codes, holidays, events, celebrations, birthdays, giveaways, apps, social networks, and much more are all tags of the 2013 year! I just wanted to thank each and one of you for all the love and support! You guys truly are the best! This will be MME’s FOURTH year up and we are doing what we can to help you! Thank you for everything, like seriously! I am looking forward to this 2014 year! Lets make it the best! Oh, and we have lots planned for you! A big thank you also goes to the MME workers Lukey140701, Rosscp, and Moshlinginfo! You all rock!


2009Fire15 Sig

PS: Use the code “BUBBLY” For a free Toad Soda to celebrate!

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Hey guys! I am 2009Fire15! 14 years old from Toronto, Canada! I am the owner/founder/creator of the famous Moshi Monsters Expressway website! Don't forget to check it out! Oh and maybe add/visit me on Moshi Monsters! I am also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube! :) So visit my fan pages! Happy Monstering!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (2014)

  1. Awh so touching and kind. I am such a big fan of MME and I’m proud of it DEFINITELY.
    You’re all so generous and kind, wonderful, and much more. Tears of joy. Thank you all everyone!

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