Two New Secret Codes for 150 Rox and an ‘Ice Scream’ Lamp

new-codesHey everyone, today I have two new Moshi Monsters codes, first on the web for 150 Rox and an ‘Ice Scream’ Lamp! 


Ice Scream Lamp Moshilce Scream Lamp: ICESCREAMLAMP


Special Thanks to Zombeeto

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Moshling ShiShi’s NEW Moshi Music Video + 2 New Secret Codes

new-codesHey everyone, today I have some new codes for 200 Rox and a Cloud Chair! Purple-rox
200 Rox: LULLABY

Cloud Chair

Cloud Chair: AMAZON


Looking for more secret codes? Click here for over 430 more codes!UpdatedTreasureChest

And… Check out ShiShi’s new music video; Lullaby:

We hope you like these codes! Did you use them? What did you think of ShiShi’s music video? Let us know in the comments!

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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Moshling Figures – Countdown: 7 Days to Go

Day 2- COMING TOMORROWWelcome to the official Moshi Monsters Expressway Series 9 Moshlings Countdown post!Everyday until release on February 14th, we will be revealing a brand new Moshling that will feature in the Series 9 Figures!


7 DAYS TO GO (DAY 11 OF 17)

Release Date: February 14, 2014.
Moshling Figures: 17 Moshlings.
Willow, Cleetus, Wuzzle, Toots, Twaddle, Bubbly, Tumbles, Swizzle, Pipsi, Shimmy, Chirpy and 7 more!

Please continue reading for today’s figure! Continue reading

Moshi Village!

MoshiVillageLogoHey Everyone,

By now I’m sure you all know about the new Moshi Monsters app called Moshi Monsters Village! I made this post for common help and just to tell you all about the app.

The app has just received an update. Make sure you update the app for free, through your App Store.

MoshiVillageAppThe aim of the app is to create a successful village where all the Moshlings can live. There are normal Moshlings and special Gooperstar Moshlings that you can collect. The rare Gooperstar Moshlings will give you a significant increase on how many coins you get per minute. You can choose to play as any of the Monsters! You can buy lots of stuff to make your village look cool, in the DIY shop. You can also buy Moshling houses to keep your Moshlings in. You have to care for your Moshlings by growing food and feeding it to them, by washing them in the Spa and by tickling them if they get upset! You can level your Moshlings up to Level 10, and once they get to Level 10 they get a special star icon, which means they’re Level 10. Once you have the measure full for all care aspects you can nickname your Moshlings!

The app is amazing! What’s even better is you can add your friends and your favourite MME workers to help you get Moshlings! 😀 
Thank you to everyone who has added me, I have now reached maximum friends (40/40) with at least 30 friends that I cannot add, however if comment down below with your names and codes and I will make sure that I add yo!

Are you one of those people who needs lots of friends for Moshi Village? If you are, comment down below and everyone can add each other!!

If you have any questions about Moshi Village, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will answer them for you. Also, leave your Moshi Monsters Village friend codes below and everyone can add each other and help us all get the Moshlings that you need friends for!

Exclusive: New Moshling ‘Squelch’ Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone!

Jiggy-puzzle-tubToday I can exclusively reveal, here at MME that there is going to be a new Moshling, named “Squelch” coming soon to Moshi Monsters! 

I was checking out the Vivid Imaginations website, where I found a listing for this Moshi Monsters Puzzle Tub. With the puzzle tub you get an exclusive “Jiggy” or “Squelch” figure that you can’t get anywhere else.
     (Click on the image to see a bigger view)

Below is the listing:

Squelch_InformationBasically the puzzle tub comes with either an exclusive Jiggy or Squelch figure to add to your collections! All we know about Squelch right now is that his species is the ‘Needy Seedy’, meaning he may be a seed related – a possible contender for the Nutties or Woodies maybe? 

That’s all for today!
Just proves that once we know it, we will show it! We found it first! This was found by myself, so please give credit to MME if you are going to post this on your blog etc. Thanks! Peace!


The Winner of the 2013 Moshling Cup is….

Hey guys,

Sorry for the wait but, I have the results of the 2013 Moshling Cup!!!

Without further a do….. the winner with 322 votes is!!!!


Celebrate IGGY’s win by playing the game i made a while back called IGGY JUMP! (Basically Doodle Jump with IGGY)


Here’s how the final round ended up vote wise:



Thank you all for voting over these last 5 months. I hope you had as much fun as I did!


Moshi Monsters in the News: Glumps Could Be Going!

Hey everyone,
The other day, I was watching the television with my younger siblings. We were watching a news bulletin named Newsround aired on CBBC in the UK, which brings children the latest news. Moshi Monsters were featured and it’s quite sad news so I thought I’d let you all know!

Unfortunately, the video can’t be put on MME, but please click here to view the video!

The video and the news report basically explains that:

A charity for people with facial disfigurements has criticised the makers of Moshi Monsters for creating characters which, they say, reinforce negative views of people with things like scars and spots. Changing Faces is urging people to sign a petition to force Moshi makers Mind Candy to change the name of some of their evil characters.They say names like Fishlips and Freakface make kids connect disfigurement with being bad and could encourage bullying. Mind Candy say they’re sorry for causing offence. Changing Faces says it is particularly concerned about a group of “bad” monsters called Glumps which were introduced in 2011. James Partridge, the founder of Changing Faces, says calling a character from a children’s game Freakface is “like something from the dark ages”. He added: “I’m very surprised by how extraordinarily stubborn some parts of British business are to getting into the 21st Century.” Mind Candy said it is “very sorry that any offence has been caused by our characters”. The company said it was surprised that Changes Faces had launched a petition because it has been talking to the charity since March 2013 and has discussed the possibility of developing storylines to support the charity’s work. It’s not the first time Changing Faces have criticised a product in this way. Last summer they made a similar complaint about Lego. 

Basically, a charity called Changing Faces (that supports kids with facial issues), are complaining that the Glump characters in Moshi Monsters are bad. They are claiming the names for the Glumps are nasty and reinforce negative views of those with spots, scars, and general facial errors. Mind Candy obviously never made Glumps to get at those people!

What do you think?!

Are Glumps good, or are they bad? Should they stay or should they go? Make sure you tell us your opinions in the comments below!


Four Years on Moshi Monsters!

WurleyEyesHey Everyone,

Today marks a very important day for me, my fourth anniversary on Moshi Monsters! Yep, that’s right, I’ve been on Moshi Monsters for four whole years! This is amazing for me! I never thought I’d last so long! Four years is a huge amount of time! I’ve had four amazing years so far, now lets make the fifth the best yet! Thank you all for helping me get to 4 Whole years on Moshi Monsters! Thanks guys!


The Moshi Bus Has Officially ‘Retired’


The Moshi Bus has went into retirement after two years of serving Moshi fans.. From shopping, meeting Buster Bumplechops, sending letters to Mr. Moshi and trading, the bus is officially retired. At this time, it is not known why the Moshi Bus has been put aside, until further notice.

The Moshi Bus was originally an event hosted by Moshi Monsters back in 2011. It traveled all across the United Kingdom from 2011 – 2013 and was an attraction to many Moshi fans across the UK .

The announcement was made on January 8th, on the official Moshi Bus website,

After two amazing years touring the UK, the Moshi Bus has now gone into retirement for a well earned rest!!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our fans from around the world who visited us on the Bus and look forward to seeing you all again on our next new and exciting tour.

Please keep an eye on the Daily Growl for all our upcoming events in 2014!!


Happy_buslingSo basically, the Moshi Bus is off tour – meaning that it will not be open to public for sales, etc anytime soon. However, with slight possibility, the Moshi Bus is likely to return later in the year, or in the future. Furthermore, it is also unknown if it will officially return or not. A retirement does mean, gone for good, and getting to old for the works. Moshi has said that they need time to give it a rest, and will end the bus events for now, until further notice. MME doesn’t have much information on this word, but we will continue to keep you updated on further announcements about the Moshi Bus.
For now with the bus, it’s a little farewell. Hopefully the Moshi Bus gets back in business!

Have you ever been on the Moshi Bus? Are you upset if you haven’t? What are your thoughts? Do you think Moshi has made the right decision? Let us know in the comments for an in group discussion.

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5 New Codes for Robot Moshling Statues and 150 Rox!

new-codesHey everyone, today I have some brand new codes for awesome Robot Moshling Statues and 150 Rox! We’re one of the first on the web to share these brand new codes.

Robot Cherry Bomb Statue – ROBOCHERRY
Robot Peppy Statue – ROBOPEPPY
Robot Pocito Statue – ROBOPOCO
Robot Pooky Statue – ROBOPOOKY
150 Rox – 36POPFLAKES


Looking for more secret codes? Click here for over 430 more codes!UpdatedTreasureChestPstt.. Make sure you use this weeks Freebie Friday Code: MASH! Expires 24th January!

We hope you like these brand new codes for Robot Moshling Statues and 150 Rox! That’s all for today, guys! These codes were released in the new Moshi Magazine, released to subscribers today! Stay tuned to MME, as we’ll be bringing you more exclusive secret codes and Moshi Monsters News when it’s released!