The MME Awards Live Show! Party! Find out the MME Awards Winners TONIGHT!

MME Awards Logo

The MME Awards Show

There will be a live show on The MME Chat! There will also be a better YouTube video of the awards/results/winners in case you missed the party! Here’s the details:

MME Awards Show Live.png-small

Click here to find out what time this is where you are!
Please come to MME at the time, and we will have a link posted to the chat!

We have just over 20,000 votes. PLEASE continue voting once per day! It will be worth it! This is going to be huge!

Update: All comment settings on MME have been updated. Pages like the Secret Codes page are very fast and load in a second now! Newer comments are on top, with older at the bottom. Comments have also been divided up into sections. 50 comments per section Faster loading = better experience! Enjoy your stay at the Expressway! 

Hey guys! Hope you’re weekend has been good! Christmas is right around the corner, and boy it really feels like it! It’s very cold and there’s tons of snow here in Canada! Anyways, I would like to update you all on The MME Awards, and announce the live show!

Firstly, the voting procedure, has been OUT OF THIS WORLD! Do you know how many votes have been cast? Over 20,000 votes! Yes, that’s right! Twenty thousand is the number! Some polls have over 1,500 votes too, and the winners/results will blow you all away!

I’d also like to thank all our supporters for all the pinboard posts on Moshi, saying to vote. You can find a gallery of advertisements on the voting page!

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13 thoughts on “The MME Awards Live Show! Party! Find out the MME Awards Winners TONIGHT!

  1. Thanks for that comment update! It was so annoying having to keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling down pages like the Secret Codes page! 😀

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