The Great Twistmas Giveaway – Christmas Codes 2014!

HQTheGreatTwistmasGiveawayLogoThe Great Twistmas Giveaway
The Great Moshi Giveaway has ended! The event seen Moshi release one new secret code each day from December 18th to January 5th – meaning 19 codes! 

Please continue reading for the codes!

Previous Days:
Day 19: 50 Rox: REINDEER
Day 18: Ra-Tichoke (Carter Seed): SNOWBALL
Day 17: 50 Rox: EGGNOG
Day 16: 50 Rox: MINCEPIES
Day 15: New Year Banner 2014: PRESENTS
Day 14: Glamellia (Vinnie Seed): 2014
Day 13: Iced HooDoo: NORTHSTAR
Day 12: 50 Rox: NORTHPOLE
Day 11: Non-Drip Mess: REDNOSE
Day 10: 50 Rox: TINSEL
Day 9: Lurgee Seed: SNOWFLAKE
Day 8: Melted Snowman: CHIMNEY
Ghost of Twistmas Present: GIFTWRAP
Day 6: Ghost of Twistmas Past: MERRY
Day 5: Ghost of Twistmas Future: YULELOG
Day 4: Hocus Crocus Seed: ICICLES 
Day 3: Chocolate Katsuma: CAROLSINGER
Day 2: 50 Rox: STOCKING
Day 1: Chocolate Poppet: FAIRYLIGHTS

EndsJan5th Everyday until The Great Moshi Giveaway ends, we updated this post with the latest codes! Don’t worry, if you missed a day we’ve added the codes to the previous days section on this post! Thank you  back each day!

Looking for more codes? Click here for 400+!

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18 thoughts on “The Great Twistmas Giveaway – Christmas Codes 2014!

  1. this is eally helping me thx so much plus i dont know when the mme awards are and how to enter could u help me or is it over?
    oh yeah and u seem to have worked so hard on here becuase this is just like wow!

  2. If u look on one of your earlier post it says the code chimney is used for 1 rox so that means that i cant get the melting snowman ive tried it and it does not work

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