EXCLUSIVE: How to get Lurgee, Carter, Bodge, Hocus, and Vinnie Moshlings + 3 More New Codes!

Hey Guys,
Today me and my friends Mackyboy123Budeyboy5000 and Mariojoe11 were being very random, we managed to find out some Christmas word related codes! Some of them are here on the new rox codes post!

Remember the other day ten New Moshlings were released? Well, the four Movies Moshlings can be obtained by the Moshi Movie Mystery. The other six can be obtained by codes, sadly we only know five codes, as we can’t seem to find Willow’s code.


Read on to find out more!

Here are the images of the seeds:

How to get Lurgee Moshling, How to get Carter Moshling, How to get Bodge Moshling, How to get Hocus Moshling, How to get Vinnie Moshling, How to get Willow Moshling:

The code for Lurgee’s seed is
The code for Carter’s seed is SNOWBALL
The code for Bodge’s seed is REDNOSE
The code for Hocus’ seed is ICICLES
The code for Vinnie’s seed is 2014
The code for WIllow’s seed is ?

As always, to attract the Moshling you must plant the seed with any two other seeds.

SNOWGLOBE – Furi Snow Globe
NORTHSTAR – Iced Hoodoo
PRESENTS – New Year Banner 2014

Thank you for viewing, we’ll update you when we get a code for Willow! Remember, stay tuned to MME for all the latest and greatest Moshi Monsters secret codes, moshling codes, mission guides, information and loads more!

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28 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: How to get Lurgee, Carter, Bodge, Hocus, and Vinnie Moshlings + 3 More New Codes!

  1. thx so so so so so so so so so so so much i love this site it is the best i used all the codes and i got all the moshlings

    • the codes do not work because people have already used them I was so looking forward to getting crater but it did not work

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