New Moshi Magazine App Out Now!

Moshi Mag App

Hey guys! I’m sure you all remember myMoshi Monsters Magazine App – COMING SOON!post. Well, the app has finally been released!

That’s right! A digital Moshi Magazine! Despite all this technology, the paper issues have also jumped into the screens! The app is available on the app store.

The application is only available to UNITED KINGDOM users, for now. However, Moshi has scheduled a releasing to the remainder of the world in early 2014. Here is their tweet:

App Information:

  • Name: Moshi Monsters Magazine
  • Release: December 04, 2013 UK, Early 2014 for world
  • Location: App Store, iTunes
  • Category: Books
  • Price: FREE, but you must buy each magazine issue for £2.49 or a full subscription for £19.99.

This app is compatible with:

  • iOS 5, 6, 7
  • iPads
  • iPhones 4, 5
  • iPod Touchs 4,5
  • Android

Mag App Screenshots:

Moshi Mag App Screenshots

Yes, It’s UK only. UK is always first lol. I cannot wait to get it! I hope there are also free gifts and codes in it too! An app review will be up in 2014 by me, when it releases in Canada.

Will you be getting it? Do you already have it? Express your thoughts on the ‘Expressway in the comments!

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