Moshi Movie Coming to Australia!

Moshi Movie

Hey everyone! Some of you may have already heard, but I am sure most of you haven’t…

Moshi Movie, The Great Moshling Egg will be playing in Australia on February 20, 2014!

The announcement was made on Moshi Monsters Twitter

How awesome is that? Australian fans will have the Moshi Movie premiered just two months after the UK does!

I am not too sure about United States and Canada. I am just keeping my fingers crossed, as there are massive fans up north here in Canada/USA! We will just have to wait and see..! So Australian fans? What do you think? Will you be watching the movie? Comment!

Psst! United Kingdom fans- The Moshi Movie tickets are now on sale! The movie will only be playing at vue cinemas. So buy tickets for the Moshi Movie at Vue: and receive an exclusive free SPLATTER MOSHLING! Tickets for Australia cannot be booked until 2014. More info on that later on! I will continue to post any new dates, information, and countries involved with the movie.

The biggest post of the Moshi Movie on the web, with every single detail, sneak peek, date, image, and more- Read the exclusive first on the web, full detailed Moshi Movie post, updated everyday! Original:

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