Splatter Moshling Seed: Confirmed

Hey Everyone,

Today after an email, we have been informed of Splatter’s Moshling Seed name. We have pictures to show you!


 How do you get the seed?

Once, through Vue you have purchased tickets to see Moshi Monsters: The Movie you will get a free code for Splatter. This seed alike all other special seeds has to be planted along with any two other seeds, meaning you do not have to be a member to get Splatter, although you have to pay for him!

That’s all guys!



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5 thoughts on “Splatter Moshling Seed: Confirmed

  1. what happens if you dont have a VUE cinema near where you live?? also i would need 2 seed codes as my children have an account each!

    • If you don’t have a Vue Cinema near you, sadly you will have to wait a few months till he is released through an in game method. If you find a ‘Vue’, I think you would have to go through the transaction twice (Pay for child 1’s ticket) then (Pay for child 2’s ticket). Hope this helps!

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