Four Year Moshi Monsters Anniversary for 2009Fire15!

Happy Birthday Banner Moshi Monsters

Hey guys! Today marks my 4th year on Moshi Monsters! If you did the math correctly, then you’ll have figured out I joined on December 4th, 2009!

I certainly have accomplished so much Moshi wise! Level 40, over 150,000 room visits, over 2,500,000 YouTube total video views, the MME website with over 2,400,000 views, thousands of friends, and just so much more. These four years have been crazy! I certainly cannot believe it!

Check out this picture from 2010 of my Moshi room!

My Room And Howie

Hitting 14,000 visits in 2010

Howie posing for his 14,000 visits and pic

Β From last year:

2009fire15 is Monstar A List #1

Back in like 2010! Doodleplop sent me this before he passed away 😦

Level 15

OMG. I found this! An image of my room withΒ 677 visits in 2009! Now I have 150,000+

Moshi Monsters 1500 Notes Pic!A very old image of the views MME got per day when we opened! Ranged from 10-120! Now we get thousands daily! Take a look from August 2010 our first month:

Moshi Monsters 2009Fire15 Blog Stats

LOL this was my first Moshi video. It is so horrible! Memories! Oh haha!

Theres ton’s of more images I got! You can find them on older posts from the previous years. Personally I just posted this to say thanks! 4 years is a long time! Thank you everyone for all the support! I cannot believe how far I have got! I mean, this is pretty crazy for a 14 year old boy! I started all this when I was just 10! Haha πŸ˜›

Quick message on my pinboard:

Four Year Birthday


Well, Happy Birthday to my Katsuma on Moshi Monsters, HOWIE!

Thank you everyone for all the awesome messages and gifts! Appreciate it very much! You guys are the best! Four years mark today, with many more to come.


2009Fire15 Sig

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