Mr Moshi Gets an OBE!

MASOBEMr Moshi Gets An OBE!

Moshi Monsters Expressway would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Michael Acton Smith – (who you all know well as Mr Moshi, the creator of Moshi Monsters), for being awarded an O.B.E. for services to the creative industry.

This is massive for Mr Moshi! What a way to end what an amazing year 2013 has been and kick off how epic 2014 will be! He said so himself:

“This is amazing news to round off what has been a magical year for Moshi Monsters, I’m honored and thrilled to be awarded this OBE and to be in such impressive company, but obviously this is an accolade that all the team at Mind Candy and Firebox can be proud of.”


An OBE is an order of the British Service, a special award. 

MME has also to be proud! We are proud of Lukey140701 who has been featured in this months ‘Daily Growl News Crew’, it’s an amazing article, make sure you click HERE to see it! Congratulations to Luke!

Speaking of Congratulations, extended thanks to everyone who helped out, came to and voted in the MME Awards. The winner was themoshimonsterkitty.

Congratulations to both Mr Moshi and Luke for their achievements! Happy New Years Eve Guys, 2013 has been epic! Can’t believe it’s 2014 tomorrow! Again, Congrats to you both!


New Secret Code for Snowball!

new-code Hi Guys, Today I have a brand new code for a Christmas Snowball – enjoy!

Christmas Snowball- SNOWING



Looking for more secret codes? Click here for over 400 more codes!


We hope you enjoy this brand new code! Make sure you click on it to see what happens! That’s all for today, guys! Stay tuned to MME, as we’ll be bringing you more secret codes and Moshi News when it’s released!


VIDEO: Results and Winners of The MME Awards


MME Shambles Contest Winners!



Hey Everyone,
The MME Christmas Shambles Contest is now over! We have a winner! Today it’s my job to reveal the winner! We had an amazing 42 qualifying entries! Sadly some entries had to be disqualified as they entered twice or did not tell us either the name of the person, or their own Moshi name! I also was feeling generous so I decided to have two runners up who will receive rox codes each! I shuffled the names, and then I used ‘The Magic Hat’ and the winner is……

Please email us to receive your Shambles code, as well as a rox code for your friend, 2009Fire15 will send you a mystery gift ASAP.

And the two runners up were…
runner-htheman1 EEKTHECAT                and                 HTHEMAN1

Please email us to receive your one time use Rox Code!
Our email is

Congratulations to our winner and our runners up!


The MME Awards Live Show! Party! Find out the MME Awards Winners TONIGHT!

MME Awards Logo

The MME Awards Show

There will be a live show on The MME Chat! There will also be a better YouTube video of the awards/results/winners in case you missed the party! Here’s the details:

MME Awards Show Live.png-small

Click here to find out what time this is where you are!
Please come to MME at the time, and we will have a link posted to the chat!

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Merry Christmas!

Moshi Monsters Christmas Iggy

Hey guys! I hope you don’t mind this green text, but it’s Christmas so why not? I personally, would like to wish you, your family, friends, and whoever you’re celebrating with ALL a very Merry Christmas! Thank you, deep from me, thank you, for being such fantastic and amazing fans of the Expressway. You guys, I cannot thank you anymore.

I really hope you all have a fantastic day! I hope you all got what you wanted! Did you get a white Christmas? I did!

Oh yeah, I wanted to say sorry I couldn’t make an “All I Want for Christmas is You” Music video this year. I make one every year, but this year I broke the tradition. You can check out them from 2010, 2011, and 2012!




So much fun to make haha. I should have made it this year! Oh well, maybe next year, lol!

Thank you again everyone for all your continuous support and love. I appreciate it so much! You guys have made this season so jolly and fun! Over these years we have come across so much! Thank you 2.5 Million views too! You guys rock!

The MME Awards are this Saturday too just in time for 2014! Also, don’t forget to enter our Christmas competition for Shambles and some other goodies:

What did you get for Christmas? I mainly got money, and got a two really big remote control helicopters that fly 100ft in the air! Let us know what you got in the comments!

From 2009Fire15 and the entire Moshi Monsters Expressway team- May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter! MERRCHRISTMAS!



-2009Fire15 of MME

Rosscp Hits C List!

silverrossHey Everyone!

On Moshi, I have just hit C LIST! I am so happy! I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting my Moshi Room! I could never have gotten this far without all of you guys’ help! My monster has gone silver to celebrate hitting C List! Who knows maybe one day I’ll be B List! 

What a Christmas Present this is! It’s Christmas Eve right now, when most of you are reading this it will be Christmas Day! I’d just like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

C-listI hope you all have a really good time and get all the stuff that you want, have a nice dinner, everything! Have a happy and healthy Christmas everyone! Hope Santa is good to you all! 🙂

Merry Christmas from me!

Series 9 Moshling Figures Official Image and 2 New Secret Codes!

Today, thanks to my friend Mariojoe11, we have found the official image of Series 9 Figures. It is real this time, unlike when it was faked back in October! Here is the official image below. 

Official Series 9


  • Cleetus
  • Willow
  • Wuzzle
  • Pipsi
  • Toots
  • Shimmy
  • Guincy
  • Chirpy
  • Prof. Heff
  • Twaddle
  • Shizzle
  • Mumbo
  • Posy
  • Tumbles
  • Tessa
  • Bubbly

Series 9 figures are set to go on sale in February. Again, there will be sixteen figures. It is still unconfirmed when exactly the series shall release, what the specials will be (if they will remain gold) and who the Ultra Rares are. When Series 9 comes, be sure to check out MME for the exclusive Moshi Series 9 countdown, as well as a few other treats!

50 Rox: FILM (Exclusive to MME, thanks to fearless-moggie)

Enjoy everyone! 

The MME Christmas Competition for a One Time Use SHAMBLES Moshling Code + More!

Shambles Contest


Hey guys! It’s time for a competition! It’s Christmas time so why not? Here’s how you can enter to win a Shambles Code, that can only be used once, by one person. It is a unique code, and is rare! This is a two for two exclusive! This contest is open to ALL! Best of luck, please continue reading!

How to enter:

  1. Comment on this post with your Moshi Username.
  2. In your comment, you must wish a friend of yours a Merry Christmas! Be sure to include their Moshi name too!
  3. Submit your comment! It will be approved in a few minutes after submitting it.

Please only enter once. You must include all three steps to qualify.


  • A Shambles code for you!
  • A rox code for the friend you wished a Merry Christmas to!
  • A gift of congratulations to you!

The codes will be sent over via email, and gift obviously on Moshi Monsters

Good luck to all! The winner will be announced on the 26th of December, which is on Thursday! The way we will choose a winner is by drawing a comment, meaning each comment will be put into a hat. One comment will be picked out and will be the winner for Shambles and some other stuff plus a code for your friend you wished!

What are you waiting for? Comment and enter now!

2009Fire15 Sig

EXCLUSIVE: Splatter Information


Hey monsters!

I emailed Moshi Monsters Support asking them for any other possible way to get Splatter.

Here is the info they gave me…. Continue reading