Moshi Mission – Freezy Rider is Back!



Hey guys! Fire here! Guess what? The Freezy Rider mission is back on Moshi! The older players may remember the mission from February 2013,  but this ones new for the newer players! The mission was open to all then, but now it is only be members.

lbgraphicIn this mission, you will get “Long Beard.” Long Beard can also be attracted by a seed combination. For a seed combo please read:

Anyways, ince this is a Moshi Classic, I knew it would come back! I made a video earlier when it first came out. The mission is the exact same as it was. Here is a FULL Guide by 2009Fire15, YouTube:

Reward for mission

Mission Rewards: Long Beard Moshling, 100 XP, and also 50 Rox ——————————>

Awesome right? Now you can get another Long Beard along with the seed combination! Woot! 😀

Have you already played the mission before in the past? Played it now? Playing it later? Let us know in the comments!

P.S The MME Awards Voting is going AMAZING. I cannot believe how successful it has been so far! Over 7,000 votes so far, with thousands, and thousands, and thousands of views! Cannot believe it! Vote now at:

2009Fire15 Sig

4 thoughts on “Moshi Mission – Freezy Rider is Back!

  1. I played this mission in the past. I don’t think that I’ll play it again. Do you know whether any of the other older missions will be coming back?

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