Glitch: Moshling Set Backgrounds

Hey Guys,

Today I have a glitch to report! Now if you were a Moshi-Player around 18 months ago, you may remember this! All the Moshling sets backgrounds have lit up in the Moshling Zoo! Here’s an image:


For example, take the ‘Arties’, there is only two Moshlings in the set, instead of four. As we all know when you get all four Moshlings in a set, it lights up.

Now all sets you have completed, (have all the possible Moshlings you can in that set) will light up in your zoo.

There is 37 sets that can possibly be lit up,

However if you are missing one in a set, it won’t light up!

That’s all for now!:D

Pst.. On Friday the MME Awards page will be up along with a few new videos and stuff! 😀 Are you guys excited? 😀


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