Moshi Movie Site – Now Open!

Hi everyone, last week Moshi Monsters officially opened their new site “Moshi Movie”

Didn’t get to post it as I was quite busy, but take a look:
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Pretty neat! You could view the official site:

What do you think? It’s in cinemas December 20th! ALL the Moshi Movie info is here:

2009Fire15 Sig

6 thoughts on “Moshi Movie Site – Now Open!

  1. You know, at first I was sort of worried about how the monsters would speak because they just make these strange sounds and a speech bubble floats over their head on Moshi Monsters. Well, now I know how they’ll do it, thanks to the Trailer!

  2. Just to say sorry because i accidently voted it two stars. 😦
    I would have given it five.
    Just incase why you were wondering why it was
    4 and a half stars.

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