No More Moshi Magazine in USA and Canada



Moshi Monsters have revealed that Moshi Fans from Canada and the USA will no longer be able to get their own magazine (There was a special version for Canada/USA), this has stopped being published for commercial reasons, here what Moshi said:

Unfortunately, for commercial reasons, we will no longer be offering subscriptions to the US version of Moshi Monsters Magazine. We appreciate that this may be disappointing to our young fans and for that we’re very sorry. Thank you for supporting Moshi Monsters.


This is very unfortunate  as now Moshi Mag readers in the USA/Canada will no longer be able to get their own magazine, forcing them to stop getting the magazine, or get the UK version.

So the reason being, is due to commercial issues- meaning that they are having problems publishing, transferring and creating the magazines in this area (USA and Canada.) Therefore, they don’t have a choice, but to stop all sales further, as the Magazines can no longer be produced. However, other Moshi Merchandise is still being sold in USA and Canada. Myself, as a Canadian, I have seen many Moshi items here and there, so the rumours about Moshi merch ending in USA/Canada is false!

The only way us Canadians and Americans are able to attain the Moshi Magazine, is if we order a United Kingdom version. It will cost more, and will take longer to receive as it is quite a distance away.

The only countries that magazines can officially be bought in are: United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. I think its crazy that the Magazine is finishing in the second and third most popular Moshi countries!

What do you USA/Canada fans think? Comment!


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10 thoughts on “No More Moshi Magazine in USA and Canada

  1. Just got my last issue. I had it for a year. It is a disappointment. I am also getting UK moshi issues through a seller on eBay. That is obviously kind of expensive, especially with the shipping. The UK issues are better with the free gifts. I gave my Dustbin code to my granddaughter for her zoo. 😦 I was hoping to get my code when I renewed. Oh well…..

  2. Grrrrr….! It’s so annoying! I mean, I’ve been sweeping the floor practicing piano, and doing chores just so I could get a subscription to the Moshi Monsters Magazine! Then when my mom goes to to get me a subscription, we discover that we can’t get it because we live in the US! How do you get the UK version(etc.) anyway? Wouldn’t the magazine be delivered there? And how are the magazines different? By the way, I hope the rumor isn’t true because I am hoping to get The Moshling Mall and Buster’s Lost Moshling Book this Christmas. Sorry about the long Comment!

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