Hoolio has been spotted in the Moshling Zoo!

Hey guys, today we’ve found Hoolio in littleparker03‘s room!

Here’s Hoolio in littleparker03’s zoo:


You can go visit littleparker03’s room right now to see Hoolio in action!

UPDATE: Mirandapuddleduck ALSO has Hoolio! She is an awesome MME fan, visit her!

How do we get Hoolio?

We were told by Moshi Staff that when Part 4 of Moshis vs Ghosts was out and you had reached 10,000 Gloop, you will get Hoolio! But now we think that you will get Hoolio right now if you can play Gloop games over and over and get 10,000 Gloop!

That’s all for this post! Stay tuned for more Moshi vs Ghosts News!



10 thoughts on “Hoolio has been spotted in the Moshling Zoo!

  1. We have reached 10000 points and although hoolio is at the top right of the screen, I can’t get him. I’ve tried clicking on him etc but with no joy. Help!!

  2. You can definitely get Hoolio right now by collecting 10000 ecto gloops from either mission 1 or mission 2, you do need to keep fighting those ghosts though and it takes quite a lot of time, I know, because I’ve got him too.

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