I’m Back Everyone! :)

Hey Everyone, Today I am back at MME. Yep, it’s me, Rosscp. Ross if you like. I’d just like to say, I’m back at MME, for good. I have missed MME dearly.


Ross: Hey..
Fire: Hey.. What do you want now? :/
Ross: ugh.. nothing. Just wanted to say sorry.
Fire: No please. It’s my fault. I am sorry. We all go through arguments. Stuff happen.
Ross: Well, enough has happened. Just want to say my goodbye.
Fire: Wait…
Ross: What? 
Fire: Check your email for an invitation to….
Ross: To what?
Fire: To come back to Moshi Monsters Expressway!!!
Ross: OMG Fire! Thank you so much! I love MME and everyone!
Fire: YAY!!!! Welcome back buddy!!

I hate talking about the past, so I won’t spend too long. I’ve done bad, I’ve done good, everyone has. Everyone makes mistakes, so please forgive me if you think I may have been nasty etc, It was not intentional. I have had a really bad time recently. Myself and 2009Fire15 fell out, but now we’re best of friends again, hopefully for the rest of our lives. 2009Fire15 is such an amazing person to work with. He is so inspiring, he inspires me everyday. I have been very unhappy recently. Now, I ask you guys let us put the past behind us.

I have returned to MME. I will continue to serve MME with my posts, posting about all the latest news, latest codes, latest Moshlings, MME exclusives, and the rest! I am a very nice person once you get to know me, I am very easily annoyed, but I’m sure MME will make me happy and smile as I intend to do with you guys – make you smile, hearing new Moshi stuff. I have lots of new ideas and concepts for Moshi Monsters Expressway.

Thank you all for listening guys, I guess I’ll see you all next time in my next post 🙂

Now to the future and beyond…..

Message from 2009Fire15:

Please forget the past everyone. Yes as I said, stuff happen. Just forgive and forget. I am sorry for anything as well. This Is MME and we are nothing without our original team. Let’s give a warm welcome to Ross in the comments? Thank you and welcome back Rosscp! We as an MME team (Fire, Lukey, Moshling Info, AND Rosscp) Have tons planned in a few weeks! All I can say: MME AWARDS! Stay tuned 😛 Something BIG is happening. Anyways, for now HELLO ROSSCP 🙂


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