Mystery Gifts UPDATED!

Hey everyone! I got some great news for you today- The Mystery Gifts have been updated!! Finally, most gift glitches have been fixed! We could now see red and green gifts, along with the old purple one! I love the update, it seems so awesome!

RED MYSTERY GIFTS: Food Items for your Monster

Moshi Monsters Mystery Gift

How awesome is this? The buttons have also been updated:

Also, when you open the gifts, the background colour and style has been updated very slightly!

Remember, in Mystery Gifts you could receive: 
Rox: 5 Rox, 10 Rox, 20 Rox, 50 Rox
XP: 5 XP, 10 XP
Seeds: Yellow Star Blossoms, Black Snap Apples, Red Love Berries, Black Crazy Dasies, Any Magic Beans, Any Dragon Fruit, Any Silly Peppers
Food: ANY

What do you all think? I love the update! However, I am still experiencing a message that says: Moshi Monsters ErrorIt is so annoying! I have 6 pages of Mystery Gifts and can only open like one at a time! It always crashes with that error message, so I never really get to open them! Sorry to everyone sending, I still am not able to send back some! 😦 Who else is having these problems? I hope this gets fixed ASAP! Remember to report it to MM if you are issuing this. Do you guys like the new updates? What’s your favourite gift colour? Mine is red! 😛

Last few things, the “Are you sure you want to delete this message”  “Report” “Your message has been sent” buttons have been updated, AND Peekaboo Moshling has been added to the zoo, with an unknown combination!

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7 thoughts on “Mystery Gifts UPDATED!

  1. I had the same problem. I do Moshimonsters on Chrome, but I switch to Firefox to open my gifts and go back to Chrome to do everything else. Because on Firefox, anything other than opening mystery gifts is just too slow. hope this helps 😀

    • I suggest you report it to Moshi! The more who report, the more better. It helps them with their reports and activity.
      Anyways, thanks for the gift! Hopefully you can open mine soon! 🙂
      Have a great weekend up ahead!

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