First Round Results of Moshling Cup

Hey Guys,

The first round results of the 2013 Moshling Cup are in!!!

Here are the moshlings competing for the cup:

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.43.19 PM

Here is the first poll of round 1!!! the moshling with the most votes will move on! The Poll will be up for 2 days!


18 thoughts on “First Round Results of Moshling Cup

  1. i think on this poll that most people will vote for iggy as he is a tough contender! 🙂
    I am going to vote for Sooki – yaki though.

  2. You know, once in Library at my school I asked my Library teacher if I could be called Fifi. She said no because it reminded her too much of a French poodle!(Just thought I’de bring that up because of the Grinny verses Fifi poll.)

  3. i hope Fifi wins because she is a poodle and i think they are cute! So please, please, please everyone vote for Fifi! She was one of the very first moshlings so please, please, please vote for her! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Sorry… I already voted for Grinny. By the way, I’m called fifi2472 because fifi is my nickname, not because of the moshling, if anyone was wondering.

  4. Between Grinny and Fifi, I’m voting for Grinny. I think Grinny will probably win. (Just because my username is fifi2472 doesn’t mean that I’ll vote for Fifi! )

    • I probably would have voted for Blingo or Dustbin Beaver, but I’ve decided that I’m only going to vote for my favorite moshling out of the ones that I have.

  5. i think there should be a page where you can get some membership codes.
    Because my brother is 5 and he had a 7 day membership and that’s not enough for a 5 year old he didn’t even get to go on it a month code would be nice,and there are other people who want there little brothers or sisters to have a membership.

    • What a coincidence! I have two younger brothers: a five year old and a seven year old who each want a membership like I have.

    • same here i voted for …. but it didnt count.
      my fave moshling isnt in there yoyo sad i should have got more people to vote for him. 😦

      • Too bad…. I was lucky and the moshling I wanted to vote for got picked! I chose Zack Binspin!

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