The 2013 Moshling Cup!!! Which moshling is the best?

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce to you.. the MME Moshling Cup!!!

It is a competition to see which moshling is the most popular and is decided by you, the MME fans!

You may be thinking.. wait, didn’t MME just do this (Mightiest Moshling)? The answer is yes, though during the second season of the Mightiest Moshling, it’s leader Rosscp was fired and because of that, we can not continue it. 

So, we decided to restart the competition as the Moshling Cup! 

Here’s how it works:

– a Poll has just been opened featuring all of the released moshlings

-Except for the moshlings eliminated during this years Mightiest Moshling Competition

– You can access it at:

– You can vote for ONE moshling

– Only one vote per computer

– On October 1st, the poll will close and the top 16 Moshlings (with the most votes) will move on and all the others will be eliminated

– Those 16 moshlings will then “battle” for the cup in a 16 “team” playoff bracket. Here’s how it works with seeds referring to Moshlings (e.g. #1 voted moshling vs. #16 most voted, winner moves on)



What are you waiting for? help your favourite moshling win by voting now!!! Click HERE to vote.

Who do you think will win? IGGY? NIPPER? ZACK BINSPIN? Let us know in the comments



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