First Round Results of Moshling Cup

Hey Guys,

The first round results of the 2013 Moshling Cup are in!!!

Here are the moshlings competing for the cup:

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.43.19 PM

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VIDEO: Every Single Rox Code to Date! (13,000+ Rox)


Hey everyone, I hope you’ve been having a good day! You’re in for a treat! I managed to find some time and make a video with ALL the working rox codes from 2008-2013! There are over rox codes to use, and it will give you over 13,000 Rox! Take a look! This took a while to make and work on in all, so I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment, subscribe my YouTube, or like it 😛 Anyways, enjoy! Every single code works. If it doesn’t work for you it’s because you have already used it. Anyways here you go:

2009Fire15’s YouTube:
MME’s YouTube

Have you tried some of the codes, or all? Do they work?! Already used them? If you have anything you’d like to say, comment 😛 Lol

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MUSIC VIDEO: Moshi Monsters – Zack Binspin – Head Over Heels

Zack Binspin

Zack Binspin

Hey everyone! The music video for Zack Binspin’s new song “Head Over Heels” has been released officially in Monstro City at Music Island’s Moshi TV Studios! I was able to get the video from the island and got the audio from Moshi! Special thanks to them! So I uploaded it all on YouTube for those who can’t see it! Check it out!

video EXCLUSIVE by 2009fire15

The Official Moshi Monsters YouTube channel will post this video very soon too. For now enjoy the one above, as I think it’s only up here.

What’s your favourite part?! Let us know in the comments! I love his reaction when he gets his phone bill LOL 😛

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Enter for MME HALLOWEEN Room of the Month! (October)

My Room And Howie In His Halloween Spirit House October 2010 3

Hey guys! October is near, and that means Halloween is too! Here at MME we will be having a contest, party, exclusives, and even a special Halloween Room of the Month for October! Just decorate your room HALLOWEEN style or anything spooky, and comment on the “Room of the Month” page with your monster’s name, and we will take a look at it! 😀 That’s all!

Comment on the Room of month page:

Will you be entering? I hope you all do! Ask your friends to do so too! We will be giving prizes :O

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Moshi Monsters – Freebie Friday – 20th September

HAIRTOOLONG – 166 ROX – Expires October 4 2013

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Moshi Gooperstars Build a Band Quests (Guides)

Moshi Goopestars Build A Band Quests

September 18 to October 3

Wednesday (20 Rox)

  1. Talk to the guy with the stereo (Main Street)
  2. Collect Golden Zack Ticket
  3. Talk to Zack Binspin
  4. Collect reward of 20 rox

Thusday (25 Rox)

  1. Talk to Simon Growl (Music Island, Tremblay Staduium)
  2. Find electric guitar
  3. Find drum
  4. Find speaker
  5. Talk to Simon
  6. Collect reward of 25 rox


Members only- More guides coming soon!

Have you played the quests yet? Comment!

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How to get Hissy Moshling on Moshi Monsters




Hissy #022 (Hipsters; Rare)

  • NAME: Hissy the Jazzy Wriggler
  • SET: Hipsters
  • NUMBER: 022
  • RARITY: Rare
  • COMBINATION: Purple Moon, Black Snap, Any Silly


Hissy Combination

ssssss! Who loves Hissy? Seems very cool! This is the final Moshling for the Roxstars weekly moshling! 😛 Do you have Hissy yet? Planted your seeds? Let us know the commentsssssssss! S for the sizzling sound snakes make aha 😛

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