NEW: Moshi Mystery Gifts!


Moshi Mystery Gifts 1

Moshi Mystery Gifts 5

Hey everyone! This just in today! This is HUGE news! This is crazy! We have lots to say,so sit back and enjoy!

Moshi Monsters has released a new feature called Mystery Gifts, and has updated many of their features! Mystery Gifts are gifts that have a free item in it. The item could be up to 50 rox, 10 XP, or even a Moshling seed! Mystery Gifts can be sent and received to everyone. You also do not have to be a member to send gifts, or receive them! Gift Island is also open to everyone!

How awesome is that?

Moshi Mystery Gifts 2

There is also an updated, new button! Instead of the old orange gift button, Moshi has replaced it with a cool new purple one called “Gift Room”

Oh yeah, you could send Mystery Gifts to 10 different people a day, one each only!

Moshi Mystery Gifts 6

Your gift room will look like this! Tons of rox and XP! Moshling Seeds as gifts are rare, and are for members only. They appear very less! I have received many mystery gifts, (thanks to all the fans) and not one were a Moshling seed! If you are a non member and get a seed, it will ask you to re spin for another gift!

Moshi Mystery Gifts 3

You can also see that Moshi has updated Gift Island! Both stores are open to Members and Non Members. Video Gifts and Mystery Gifts stores have been open. The video gifts are also available to send and receive for everyone, except you must spend rox, as usual!

This I think is super amazing! Moshi Monsters, I come to a conclusion that this one of the best updates ever made! Now non members get to experience this awesomeness, AND We get free stuff from our friends, and can send it for free! I love this!

Oh yeah, one irrelevant update to this post, but Moshi has also added many new sound effects when you click your tree and stuff! Old sounds are the same but sound much more sharp!

What do you think of this? How many gifts are you getting? Comment I might send you a Mystery gift! Will send out gifts to random comments! Just put your Moshi username 😛 Thanks to all those who sent me Mystery Gifts! I will send one right back, If i haven’t reach my daily limit of 10!

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13 thoughts on “NEW: Moshi Mystery Gifts!

  1. It seems to be a great update, but I have a problem. After I select the gift to send, I click on chose friend and the page starts loading. At this point it lags and I have to reload the hole page. Does anyone have the same problem? Is there anything I can do to send Mystery Gifts? I have tried it several times, but I always get the problem after selecting the Chose button. Please help 😦

    Thanks for your time and any advice you can give me 🙂

    • Hey Christopher J! Sorry to hear you’ve been having these Mystery Gift problems too! You are not alone at all, in fact I am having the same problem, and so are many other fans and viewers of this blog! Many of my friends are too.
      However it seems to be working for some people and not for others. You know Moshi- every new thing has a bug or glitch at first but will work fine eventually. I have emailed Moshi about this a few days ago, just waiting for a reply. Instead just TRY clearing your browser history and cache and cookies. It might help. The only way to send mystery gifts is to press the send gift back when someone sends
      You one! I will post about this bug with any update soon!
      For now, have a great weekend!
      Happy Monstering!

  2. tried out the new gift and ur right its awesome sent 10 gifts straight away. still like old gifts and will use them too for special events and such

  3. hey fire, ross and lukey can i copy your post then give you the credit when i have done you can look at it so can i use your post please!
    the post that i am commenting on okay thanks reply me soon

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