Moshi Monsters – The Movie – The Great Moshling Egg

Moshi Movie

Official Logo for Moshi Movie


  • NAME: The Great Moshling Egg (Moshi Movie)
  • PREMIERING DATE: December 20 2013 in United Kingdom, February 20 2014 in Australia
  • DURATION: Unknown
  • GENRE: Action, Unknown
  • COUNTRIES: United Kingdom, Australia
  • CHARACTERS: All 6 Monsters, Moshlings, Buster Bumple Chops, Dr Strangeglove, Sweet Tooth, + MORE
  • PRODUCERS: Mind Candy, Universal Pics

Moshi Monsters IS officially producing a movie that will release in theaters/cinemas on December 20th, 2013 in United Kingdom, and on February 20th in Australia!

Something was posted about a movie back in November 2012, but Moshi Monsters completely unveiled their new project as of August 20th in the Moshi Magazine, Twitter, Facebook, Brandfeed and their websites- A Moshi Movie! It was also said that they will be pairing with the huge movie industry- Universal Pics!

Moshi%20Movie%20Teaser%20Poster-506x750[1]Mind Candy/Moshi Monsters posted out the official Moshi Movie poster! (To the right) A trailer for the movie has just been released, and is at the top of this post! The movie will have English speaking voices and will be titled with the name “The Great Moshling Egg!”

The Movie is just TWO weeks away in the UK! This is huge, something like never before!
Get ready monsters, because this is the biggest yet!

Check out some more headlines:


Moshi Movie, The Great Moshling Egg will be playing in UK on December 20, 2013! The movie will be playing VUE cinemas. If you are in the UK and are interested, Buy tickets NOW at: and get an exclusive new Splatter Moshling


Moshi Movie, The Great Moshling Egg will be playing in Australia on February 20, 2014! Tickets are not being sold yet as the date is still quite a bit away. However, they will be sold in January or February 2014. It is also unknown in which cinemas/theaters the movie will be playing in.



If you PRE ORDER Moshi Movie Tickets, you will get a secret one time use code for a seed, to get SPLATTER!

This is exclusive. It has been confirmed Monday morning to 2009Fire15. The news was first broken worldwide, on MME.

Moshi Movie The Great Moshling Egg Novel BookThat’s right! The Great Moshling Egg movie also has a book/novel to it! The Novel will be released in the United Kingdom on December 5th, 2013 just a few weeks before the premier of The Great Moshling Egg movie.

Relive the excitement of the first ever Moshi Monsters movie! This retelling of the adventures of Katsuma, Poppet, Furi, Luvli, Diavlo and Zommer as they come up against Dr. Strangeglove and his dastardly schemes is the perfect page-turner for all Moshi Monsters fans!

It will be a paperback book, with 192 pages, for about  £6.17, published by Penguin Books 

Moshi Movie SoundtrackThere will be a soundtrack to The Great Moshling Egg movie that will be released on December 9th, 2013! The track will include 20 songs from the movie itself! It will come with a unique secret code as well! So basically, it is another new album being released by Moshi Mosnters!

To the right, is the official cover of the soundtrack.

Check out this awesome event of the Moshi Movie Tour in the United Kingdom!


Wow! What do you all think? This SO exciting! Will you watch it? I for sure will, (if it plays in Canada!) What are your thoughts? I think it’s crazy! Moshi is coming so far and is extremely amazing! Let us know in the comments!

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38 thoughts on “Moshi Monsters – The Movie – The Great Moshling Egg

  1. I saw the trailer over like 50 times already WANT TO SEE IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And why in the great moshi world does strangeglove have a mouth

  2. Oops said it was called the Great Moshling Egg and in a Brandfeed post, it said that Strangeglove steals a Great Moshling Egg. 😛

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