Brand New MME Pages!

This week we have added three brand new pages to Moshi Monsters Expressway! They are called:

Click on the name of the page to visit the page 🙂

Moshi World Records 
On this page we have listed Moshi Monsters world records for things such as: most gifts, most messages and the most Moshlings! The page isn’t finished yet as we have just started!

A ListersAStar2
On our A Listers page we have a big list of A Listers, with pictures! Let us know if you’re an A-Lister or know one!

Level 50 Club
The Level 50 page is for all level 50-ers who have reached Level 50! Again, let us know if you have reached Level 50 or know some one who has!

We’ve also made a Secret Codes page for the people who cannot access our normal codes page! That’s all for now! Keep on checking them for updates! 🙂


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