Combination for Moshling “Busling” Released!

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Busling Moshi Monsters



BUSLING #004 (Wheelies; Ultra Rare

  • NAME: Busling Bustling Busling
  • SET: Wheelies
  • NUMBER: 004
  • RARITY: Ultra Rare
  • COMBINATION: Yellow Dragon, Yellow Star, Yellow Magic

Busling Moshling Seed Combination

Busling has finally been released! After about 6 months of rumours, announcments, and appearances Moshi Monsters finally posted out a combination for the Bustling Busling “Wheelies” Moshling! The combination is a Yellow Dragon Fruit, Star Blossom, and Magic Beans! All yellow! 😛


Busling Bustinling Busling Bio

Do you have Busling or not? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Combination for Moshling “Busling” Released!

  1. Betty code will probably come with katsuma unleased becuase zomgarm said:Hi all! Thanks for hanging around about Betty! She will be availible Late Sep/ Early Oct, stay tuned for more info!xxxx

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