How to get Leo Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Leo Moshi Monsters



LEO #98 (Snowies; Ultra Rare

  • NAME: Leo (Abominable Snowling)
  • SET: Snowies
  • NUMBER: 98
  • RARITY: Ultra Rare
  • COMBINATION: Frozen Forget Me Not Seed, Any other two seeds (Back issue of Moshi Magazine)

Back issue: A previous/older issue or printing of the magazine.

Frozen Forget Me Not Seed

Frozen Forget Me Not Seed

Leo has an exclusive seed (Frozen Forget Me Not) To get this seed, you need a Secret Code. This code can be obtained from a back issue of the Moshi Magazine.

This seed is ultra rare, and must be planted along with two other random seeds. In about 6 hours time, Leo should be in your garden, has he attracts to the “Frozen Forget Me Not” seed.

Below is Leo’s Bio, which can also be viewed in your Moshling Zoo, if you are a Moshi Member.

Leo Bio Moshi Monsters

I have finally got Leo! Do you? Who does and who doesn’t? Let us know in the comments! Here at MME, we will be having a contest for a Leo code soon! Stay tuned!

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16 thoughts on “How to get Leo Moshling on Moshi Monsters

    • Hello MME you are a great website and its so cool! I would like the code for Leo the moshling, i think your the greatest website in the world and every day I go on it and rate it 5 stars!!!! I would be so happy if you gave me a code, my username is orangesapples1234. Thanks!!!

  1. I wish I had him, he is so cool.
    I just got Shambles, it cost me 50 gifts but it was so worth it. I would do it again to get an exclusive moshling.

  2. Got Leo when a code came out for the seed. I gave code for Leo in the magazine to my friend since I already had him.

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