Betty Removed and Lummox appears in the Moshling Zoo!



Hey everyone! You have ALL been asking about Betty for how long now? Well she was scheduled by Moshi Monsters Mind Candy to release to the public in June 2013, but there was a big delay. Now we have came to mind that Betty has been removed from the Moshling Zoo unexpectedly? See the image below! Her name was right beside Judder.




Some good news now! Lummox has been released in the Moshling Zoo! Yes it’s confirmed that he’s a #118 and Uncommon in the Sporties set! Since his name is in the zoo, I think that he will be released really soon! Stay tuned as he releases! We will have his combination and info here at MME! 


Here’s Lummox’s full bio, which could also be viewed at any time if you are a Moshi Member, in your zoo.

Lummox Moshling Bio Moshi Monsters

Exciting isn’t it? What do you think!? How might we be able to get Lummox? Where has Betty went? Let us know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Betty Removed and Lummox appears in the Moshling Zoo!

    08/13/20130 Comments
    It looks like there will be a long delay now however Spookygirl (a moshi staff) told me that the moshi staff will get Betty the same time as us moshi fans. As zomgarm no longer has Betty, it may be released later/again (kind of realated to what Spookygirl said).

    (A post from my site)

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