MME DAY: Moshi Membership Contest WINNERS!



Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed MME day and all of our comments! MME would like to thank all the Moshi fans for all their contributions, for their dedication, their loyalty, and their support! This has been the most successful event ever and we are so happy! We had over 60 entries, and since MME day over 400 comments! We hope you had fun!
Ok, so we did promise a contest, and we did promise some winners! So here they are!
Winners were randomly selected for their comment(s) by a Random Generator.
7 Day Moshi Membership Winners:
  • Jmoshi1609
  • Carlcoughlan

Congratulations! Check your emails, winners, and please leave a comment to claim your prize. Thank you so much to EVERYONE for entering and supporting us! You are all winners in our eyes, so I promise to have more membership contests, very soon! Congrats to the winners, again! 🙂

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66 thoughts on “MME DAY: Moshi Membership Contest WINNERS!

  1. please add me freyabunnygirl i hope i will win because i want to be a member of moshi monster member for 1 day just ok for me 🙂

  2. Hay my Name is Darren.I would really like to win this contest because my son is very sick
    We play it every night .He really enjoys the puzzels.
    His name is carlcoughlan on moshi monsters.

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