MUSIC VIDEO: Moshi Monsters – Hansel – Bad to the Biscuit

Hello everyone! Hansel’s music video has uploaded to YouTube, not publicly though. It is viewable to everyone member or not, because it’s on YouTube, obviously.

Check it out!

What do you think? Is it your new favourite Moshi song? Let us know in the comments! I think it’s good, but a little short! 😛


Brand New Moshi Monsters DS/3DS Game!

UK - Katsuma ...

Moshi Monsters have released information of a third DS game called ‘Katsuma Unleashed’, 

At the moment there is just artwork for the 3DS Game. Which you can see to the right. >>>>>>

I am unsure if it will be released for the normal DS platform. The game is expected to be released on October 11th in Europe, and later for America. 


Katsuma Unleashed is a side-scrolling, action-adventure platform game rendered in a beautiful 3D cartoon style and designed to appeal to Moshi fans of all ages across the globe.  In a move away from the previous two titles, the game will feature stand-alone hero character Katsuma. As the franchise’s most popular Moshi Monster, players will embark on a voyage with Katsuma through brand new worlds packed with mini arcade challenges and boss battles. Along the way, Katsuma will have to battle enemy characters using powerful new capabilities, including Furi’s Smash and Diavlo’s Flight, in order to rescue other Moshi Monsters – fur will certainly fly! Another exciting feature available in the 3DS version of Katsuma Unleashed is StreetPass™* secrets – 18 huge, explorable maps and monster attack games where users get to play as each of the Moshi Monsters, each with their own unique set of moves. 

We will get a unique Moshling Code! Who will it be for? Will it be for Betty? Who do you think?

Special Package from Moshi Monsters Mind Candy for MME!


Hey everyone! This is a very exciting, exclusive post! Guess what? Today I woke up, had breakfast, and as usual I always check the mail! Usually we get bills and boring letters, but today,  we got something very exciting, from Moshi Monsters/Mind Candy apparently! So I found this in the mailbox:

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Design a Moshling Gallery Event!

Hey monsters! The Design a Moshling Gallery has actually begun in London, Uk!

Design a Moshling Event

We got some exclusive images of the big event from Moshi Monsters for you! Check it out:

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Image courtesy of @MindCandy on Twitter

How FANGTASTIC? If you are in London, don’t forget to stop by! Please get pictures if you do! Send in your Design a Moshling A Gallery Event pictures:      and your picture(s) could be up above!

For More Design a Moshling Art Gallery and it’s Event, Please See-


Heir to the Throne… A Royal Baby is Born!

This post is not about Moshi Monsters, we would appreciate it if you could read this post, as it is important that we understand each others nations across the world. This affects the commonwealth, countries such as the UK, Canada, and parts of Southern Africa.

On 22nd July 2013 at 4.24pm, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) gave birth to an unnamed baby boy, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London.

The royal baby is third inline to the throne, meaning one day he, the Prince of Cambridge will be King of the Commonwealth (The United Kingdom, Canada, Parts of America, Majority of Australasia, Most of Southern Africa and some of Asia).


One day, this baby will be king of the Commonwealth. Currently the queen, Queen Elizabeth who lives in Buckingham Palace, in England, UK, is on the throne, and has been for a record breaking 61 years, at the age of 87! The Prince of Cambridge is Queen Elizabeth’s third great grandchild! Before this baby becomes king, the Queen must either resign or pass away, that will then leave her son, the Charles, Prince of Wales as the king. Then the king will be the Duke of Cambridge, the baby’s father then the royal baby! It may seem ages away, but this will be a landmark day in history. People will always remember 22nd July as the baby’s birthday, I’m sure I will as I share my birthday with it! 🙂

At this moment, the baby is unnamed, and Kate is expected to get out of hospital very soon. But for now, we’ve got two very happy parents that we are sure will make brilliant parents to this Royal baby.



How to get Pinestein Moshling on Moshi Monsters!

How to get Pinestein on Moshi Monsters


Recently, a Moshling named Pinestein won the 2013 Design A Moshling competition! Pinestein was rumored to be in a Brainies moshling set along with Moshlings like Cosmo who are pretty smart.

Pinestein was released today, as the 100th Moshling to be released. He is in the Brainies set. Pinestein is a Joyful Juicy Brainiac with a number #165.

Please keep on reading to find out the seed combination and additional information.

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MME Social Networks and Rosscp’s Birthday!

Hey everyone, before I start my post, It’s 1.20am on 22nd July and It’s my birthday! Woot! So Today I’ll be telling you about MME’s Social Networks.

Moshi Monsters Expressway has FaceBook, we have over 330 likes! When we reach 350 likes there will be a rox competition, exclusive to FaceBook, so make sure that you like MME’s page if you have FaceBook account! Click here to view our page!

We have YouTube aswell, we have a few videos uploaded, with lots more coming soon in August and the rest of 2013! We only have a few subscribers, and we would really like some more! So please click here to subscribe to us on YouTube!

Yep, MME has Twitter aswell! Tweet us @Themmexpressway and make sure to follow us! Our 200th follower will get a random rox code! Click here to see our Twitter profile!

We have Instagram, we have over 370 followers which is amazing! As a special treat our 400th follower is going to recieve a rox code! Click here to see our Instagram!

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All prizes are courtesy of Rosscp.