New Unknown Moshlings

Hey everyone, recently we just got a hold of some images, of new moshlings! Take look!


In the  Moshi Magazine, issue #32, released July 2013- Has pictures of three unknown Moshlings! We are not sure who they are, and this is the first time we’ve ever seen them! Take a look:

Credit to Lukey’s Moshi Site – (For providing the images)


Unknown Blue Fat Bat Moshling

Unknown Blue Fat Bat Moshling

The Beanstalk event, scheduled for August 5th has also unleashed a sneak peek video. At the end of the video, an unknown never seen before, “Blue Moshling” is spotted. He has wings, and is described as a blue fat bat. We are still looking into it, so we have no info:


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What do you think? This is super crazy! Let me know in the comments! 😛

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15 thoughts on “New Unknown Moshlings

  1. I haven’t even got the issue in the post yet. Hopefully it will come soon but as I live in Australia is probably a long way away !

    can’t wait to see a un-pixilated version of them!

  2. The moshi magazine issue 32 is only out for subscribers and also quite a while ago I downloaded something and I saw that moshling but I thought it was just a drawing what someone who works for the moshi monsters wiki drew

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