Hi! I’m Goldenchildngo!

Hello everyone! This is my first post on MME! My name is Goldenchildngo! Please add me on Moshi Monsters, click here! I’m the new contributor on Moshi Monsters Expressway! I’ve been playing Moshi Monsters and been a fan of MME for a few years now. I’m a girl and I’m currently 12 years old. I live in Austin, Texas, USA. I joined WordPress in summer of 2012!

I have a poppet on Moshi Monsters named Lemon. I was drinking lemonade when I was naming her. Creative, I know (Sarcasm included). I have 793 friends and am a J Monstar. I normally know about anything new that is happening on Moshi Monsters and plan to keep it that way! Here’s my Moshi Room:


When school starts I’ll try to post when I can with all the homework and extracurricular activities I have after school. I won’t lie, I’m usually an overachiever and a perfectionist so I’m a little picky when ever I do work and I like having a busy schedule but I promise I’ll find time. I’m on vacation right now but I’ll be back in America a couple of days so you guys will hear a lot of me every now and then when I get back! πŸ˜€


Hey Everyone, Lets all welcome our newest member of the MME team, Goldenchildngo to the MME team! πŸ™‚ Please visit her room by clicking right here!Β Thanks Allot!

-Rosscp (Admin)


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