New Micro Moshis!

Micro Moshi’s came out in February along with a Silver Tin and Mega Heads!

Now we have another tin (RRP £9.99) … 


It looks like we have a further ten silver moshlings from Series 1.


Collector Bags (RRP £2.99) … 

In these bags you get one squishy/rubber moshling and two regular! They’re available in Pink and Blue. Above we see Some Series 2 Micros but in recent openings Series 1’s have been found.

Series 2 Micro Moshis (RRP £4.99) …



Another series will be released between August-October with some new characters to collect, along with some mega heads and maybe even another gold tin!

Micro Moshi Ice Screams! (RRP TBC)…

In each ice cream, you get three micro moshi’s one of which is squishy/rubber, one is blue, one is green and one is purple! These are currently just released, although very few people have them, we are unsure of the price!

That’s all guys!



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