Why doesn’t the Cluekoo talk anymore?

Hey everyone! I am sure you most of you are aware that Cluekoo has lost her voice! Well, if you didn’t know, now you do! Here’s what Moshi Monsters had to say about this!


Why doesn’t the Cluekoo talk anymore?

Whoops! Looks like the Cluekoo has lost her voice because of some new features we’re testing – don’t worry though, this problem has been flagged up to our developers and they’re going to look into it as soon as they can. -Moshi Monsters

So when your plants are fully grown, Cluekoo doesn’t talk or tell you what’s up- What colour your flowers are, what rarity is being attracted, etc. Like Moshi said, they are working on it and this is a glitch that is being worked on! There has also been a new update regrading this issue- When your flowers are fully grown, just hover to them, put your mouse over your flower and it will say what colour it is, if you are having a hard time. What do you think? This is quite weird! There have been many bugs and glitches lately! For a full list of them, please see our “Bugs and Glitches” page! http://wp.me/P11ffl-29d



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