Flower Seeds UPDATED!

Today, I was going to buy seeds at the seed cart, and noticed that they have all been slightly updated! They look pretty cool, but they are quite simple. Take a look:

BEFORE:                                                                          NOW:





The updates have been made to both flower seed locations: Super Seeds & Seed Cart.

These flowers seem to look very plain, as they have a rainbow circle around them, and are gray in the flower itself. I personally like the before/older ones because they are more colourful and better in general!

Ever since the 3D updated monsters, Moshi has been updating everything! From monsters, to headers, to subtitles, and now to flower seeds! What’s next? Moshi Monsters really has changed so much in graphic wise since I joined in 2009! Graphics are being updated regularly!

What do you think of the updated flowers? Do you like them? Was before or now better? COMMENT!



6 thoughts on “Flower Seeds UPDATED!

  1. Actually i think they did this update about to days ago plus in the garden after me seeds grew the bird didnt talk plus yesterday when i scrolled over the plant it wouldnt say the color i could only see it on the plant but today it did say the color but the bird still doest talk maybe its just a bug for me?
    P.s. sorry for this being so long

  2. I like the older/before flowers better. They were more colourful and much easier to choose the ones you wanted to buy. I hope they bring the old ones back.

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