Windy Wind-Up Quests SERIES 2! (Guides)

Windy Wind Up 2

Windy Wind Up 2

UNTIL August 5th ONLY

Windy Wind-Up Quests SERIES 2-

Windy Wind Up! Yup, they are back! Round 2! There are 7 days to play as usual. Remember, these are quests, not missions. To complete them, simply click on the right top corner of your screen, and click Play Saga.

Windy Wind Up Play Saga

  1. DAY 1-  Located at Sludge Street: Talk to Buster Bumblechops. Then accept his quest, which is picking up all 20 eggplants in 90 seconds. Once you collect all 20, talk to Buster to collect your reward of 20 rox!
  2. DAY 2- Located at The Observatory: Talk to Tamara Telsa to begin the quest. She will let you know that a spaceship belonging to Zoshling has crashed. You then use the telescope to find the spaceship which is all the way at the bottom, near Music Island. Once you find the spaceship, You will be directed to the Jungle. There you will have to talk to Splutnik, reasoning why the Spaceship crashed. At the end, you will receive 25 rox!
  3. DAY 3- Located at The Observatory: Talk to Tamara Telsa. She is saying that there is gas coming from somewhere, and it seems to be the Jungle! You will be directed to the Jungle. Over there, scroll right and you’ll find the Stinky Cloud. Talk to him. He says that he will do something with his stinky gas. Go back to the observatory and warn Tamara by talking to her. At the end, You will receive 30 rox!



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