Gustbusters and Windy Wind-Up: Update

OK, So I’ve had a mixed bag of stuff around this issue, some people are getting to play Gustbusters and some people aren’t!

Please Note: I have heard a lot of blogs/issuers telling people if they want to play Gustbusters to move their computer’s date forward to August 25th or the future. Although this may work on occasions, this is against Moshi Monsters’ policy. So on this post I am talking about people whose dates are on the right time, approx 2nd July – when this post was published.

  • Some people have Windy Wind Up – Days 1 and 2
  • Some people have Gustbusters – Part 1
  • Some people have Gustbusters – Part 1 and 2
  • Some people have both

I know that I have Gustbusters part 1 only! What do you guys have? Let me know!

Wanna see Sprinkles in action! Click right here, to view my room! (This is nothing to do with above, so please don’t ask me how to get Sprinkles!)



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16 thoughts on “Gustbusters and Windy Wind-Up: Update

  1. i want sprinkles but it will only let me play windy wind up and i am mad and need to find a way to report this the moshi team!

  2. On my granddaughter’s account, she has windy windup, and the other locked, on mine it is the reverse with me having gust busters and windy windup locked.:D

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