New Moshling appearing in Moshi Beanstalk!

TwabbleTwaddle the Waddling Floffle

Not much is known of Twaddle, although he will appear in the Great Moshi beanstalk. 🙂



How to get Misty Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Misty, from the Arties has just been released in the Arties Moshling set in the Moshling Zoo! She’s number 130! For probably the first time ever, we already know her seed combination on release, with thanks to the new profile combinations in the zoo!

Please continue reading if you wish to find out her combination and further information about Misty! 

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Last chance to enter for Room of the Month!

Hello everyone, I’m sure by now you all know that each month MME have:

  • Fan of the Month
  • Room of the Month
  • Blog of the Month

We’re struggling for entries at the moment, so how would you like a chance to win Room of the Month? Here’s how:

Just simply decorate your room yellow or summery, and then once you’re done, just comment down below with your monster room and we will visit your room and see if it’s amazing enough to be room of the month!

Hurry, you’ve only got until August 1st to enter! 

Remember all you need to do is comment below with your finished first room that’s yellow or summery or sunny and you could win Room of the Month August 2013!`


Moshi Monsters Fast Facts

Hello, dear monsters! 🙂

Today I would like to share a few Moshi Monsters Fast Facts! 🙂 They’re very interesting!  In fact, they’re monsterific!


• Over 70 million Moshi Monsters have been adopted in over 150 countries worldwide roughly a third in the UK, a third in the US and a third across the rest of the world!

• Moshi Monsters magazine is the #1 best selling monthly kids magazine in the UK, having doubled circulation figures in a year. It also ranks at number 26 in the ‘ABC Top 100 Magazines’ ahead of Grazia, Marie Claire and Men’s Health. (Source: ABC Aug 2012)

• Moshi Monsters was ranked the number 1 licensed property in the UK in October 2012! (Source: NPD YTD)

• The debut music album ‘Moshi Monsters: Music Rox!’ made #4 in the UK charts ahead of Madonna and Lost Prophets!

• 45 million collectible Moshling figurines from toy partner Vivid have been sold to date ranking them as the #1 collectible toys in the UK.

• Over 170 million Moshi Monsters Topps Trading Cards have been sold to date. It’s the #2 trading card collection in the UK!

• The debut Moshi Nintendo DS title ‘Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo’ topped the charts in the UK for 23 consecutive weeks! Becoming the longest ever #1 in Nintendo DS™ chart history by knocking Nintendo’s Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training from the top spot.

• The ‘Ultimate Moshlings Collectors Guide’ from Penguin books made top 5 in the UK book charts.

• Over $100 million worth of Moshi Monsters physical products were sold in 2011.

• Moshi Monsters has over 130 licensing partners worldwide and is now available at retail within the US, Australia & New Zealand, Nordics, Benelux, Poland, Israel, Dubai and South Africa!

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New Moshling TOASTY Animation & Sound

Remember how I said I found Zack Binspin’s animation and I posted it last week, today I have Toasty’s Animation and Sound! Again, I made a YouTube video to show you all!

Isn’t it awesome! Toasty will be the last Moshling in the Munchies, along with Yolka, Fizzy and Suey! Stay tuned as later this week I’ll be giving you the animation of another new Moshling! That’s all for now! 🙂

(C) 2013 – Moshi Monsters Expressway


New Secret Codes for Poppet Poster and Gold Peppy Bike


Hi Everyone, today I have two secret codes for two new items, an I Heart Poppet Poster and a Gold Peppy Bike!


Want to see over 280 More Secret Codes? You do?
Click on the image to go to our MME Secret Codes page!



New Unknown Moshlings

Hey everyone, recently we just got a hold of some images, of new moshlings! Take look!


In the  Moshi Magazine, issue #32, released July 2013- Has pictures of three unknown Moshlings! We are not sure who they are, and this is the first time we’ve ever seen them! Take a look:

Credit to Lukey’s Moshi Site – (For providing the images)


Unknown Blue Fat Bat Moshling

Unknown Blue Fat Bat Moshling

The Beanstalk event, scheduled for August 5th has also unleashed a sneak peek video. At the end of the video, an unknown never seen before, “Blue Moshling” is spotted. He has wings, and is described as a blue fat bat. We are still looking into it, so we have no info:


Don’t forget to check out 20 other new moshlings at our “New Moshlings” page! Click here!

What do you think? This is super crazy! Let me know in the comments! 😛

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Round Up of July 2013 Secret Codes Including 1822 Total Rox!

Hey everyone! As a courtesy, I have put together all of the working codes of July 2013! There are tons of codes below, and many of them are rox! Check if you have used them or not! Enjoy! 

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Hi, I’m MrWallop!

Hello dear monsters,

I’m Mr.wallop 🙂 I am the new MME worker! Right now I am a contributor, but soon to be an author, hopefully! Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I joined Moshi Monsters on 10th February 2012. My monster’s name is Wallop! Lots of monsters ask me why my username is mrwallop, well the answer to that question is; when I was adopting my fangtastic monster ‘Wallop’ my favorite moshling was wallop. 🙂 So that’s the story.


I started of as a ‘Z’ lister. By March 14th I had  managed to get 4000 vistt its, which got me to ‘G’ list. 🙂 Now, I was always an artist, so I decided to sent in a fan art. Luckily, curator liked my fan art declared it ‘FAN ART OF THE WEEK.’ Thanks to curtaor, I managed to get 20,000 visits! After 20,000 visits, my visits started to slow down a bit; probably because it was 14 days since my art was chosen as the ‘FAN ART OF THE WEEK.’ After getting my art chosen, I started to rate 400-600 per day 🙂 Yes, that is VERY tiring.

Well, that’s my story 🙂 Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, I do keyboard art! I love to send my keyboard to my monster friends when I visit them 🙂

Happy Monstering,

Hello everyone! Fire here! Just wanted to welcome Mrwallop to the MME team! He will be working as a contributor for now! Author soon! Let’s all welcome him, so leave a nice comment! We hope you enjoy your stay here at MME, as we all are looking forward to having you! Also, a shout out to our other new worker, Goldenchildngo! You are doing great just as much as Mrwallop is! Welcome to our team! -2009Fire15

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Series 7 Figures Out Now!

Series 7 figures out now!

Blind Bags of two figures cost £1.99
Blister Packs of five figures cost £4.99

Right now, no packs with visible Ultra Rares have been found, so your best bet for the three Ultra Rares and one rare is to get the surprise Moshling in the middle of the five packs, although there’s a 50% chance you’ll get a gold! So Maybe Blind Bag’s would be better?

That’s all for now!