How to get Sprinkles and Zack Binspin!

Today I’ve got some exciting news on some Moshlings you may have heard of!

Recently Sprinkles has been named in the zoo, in the Sploshies set. Sprinkles was released in the sixth series of Moshling figures, that were released earlier in the year. Sprinkles is currently unreleased, but we know how to get him, as I have him in the zoo from a private server! The new mission Gustbusters will be out very soon and in the third part you will get Sprinkles! No doubt, we’ll let you know when the mission is available.

So talking about new Missions, we’re talking Sprinkles being released in Season 3, Mission 5. But we’ve been seeking through special files to find that Zack Binspin will be released in Season 3, Mission 6 that will be called: Moptop Mischief. You can check out Moshi Magazine 31 – that is out next Thursday for some more details on the mission! Zack Binspin will appear in the RoxStars set along with Bobbi Singsong and some other new Moshlings!

So as of this moment (at time of publishing), both these Moshlings are unreleased, but will be released very soon. Gustbusters should be released at the start of July and Moptop Mischief should be released at the end of July.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this exciting news! Stay tuned to MME at this address (for now) and we’ll keep you posted on all the new Moshlings set for release!



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12 thoughts on “How to get Sprinkles and Zack Binspin!

  1. It is nothing to do with changing the dates.

    Moshi Monsters are rollin out the Windy Wind Up Quests and the Gust Busters mission in phases. Some have one some have the other and a small number have either both or neither. Each week more people will have access to the Quest and the mission until soon everyone will be able to do both. It is part of a type of software testing and rollout called AB testing. it enables Moshi monsters to release things quicker while still testing and fixing any problems or making improvements during the rollout.

    • Some people changed their computer dates.

      I changed mine to August 15th (my birthday) so I could celebrate early but forgot to change my date back. When I went onto oshi Monsters, I saw Gustbusters so I played it and got Sprinkles.

      Now, though, I only have Windy Wind Up and not Gustbusters. Lucky I played it before! ;p

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