Introducing the Party Palace!

Today Moshi Monsters have released a new room feature, the Party Palace!

UPDATE: The Party Palace has just been removed from the map. We are unsure of this change at this time. Reports are saying that it was only a sneak peek , a small beta test, or possibly an accident of Moshi opening it. We will continue to update. It is also confirmed that this will be a room on Moshi Monsters eventually. -2009Fire15


The Party Palace is on the bottom left corner of your map – which is not pirate themed anymore! Woot! Then this comes up:

PartyPalace1You must choose a server to go to, at the moment all the people that are in one server are in them all! I guess that’s a bug! Once you’ve chose your server:

Partypalace2We have lots of monsters that can move around anywhere in the room, and a monster stage. The Party Palace is a dressing up game against four people to see who has the best outfit for the theme! 


Press the play button if you’d like to go in to the battle! Once you’re in the battle this will come up:

theme2So my theme was Angry Zoo Animals. That means I have to dress up as an Angry Zoo animal! Once I’ve dressed up, people will vote the best outfit relating to the theme:


There are vote buttons. And once the voting time has stopped (You get less than 10 secs) the winner is revealed!

winnaI won! Woot! (PS I am not 11 years old!) There are new dress-up games every two or three minutes! 🙂 You often have draws, as there are only around ten people voting at some times, and it does take at least five minutes to join the game, so be patient! 🙂

Enjoy and Good Luck!



16 thoughts on “Introducing the Party Palace!

  1. I emailed Moshi Monsters support, they said they’re still testing it so only some players can see it at the moment. They also said they’ll release it when they’re sure it’s 100% roarsome.

  2. Commenters,

    UPDATE: The Party Palace seems to be available to just certain players. We are unsure why. The Party Palace will eventually be available to everyone!


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