Moshlinginfo/Wr12’s New game: I.G.G.Y. Jump

Hey guys,

ImageI got bored so I decided to make a game! It’s called I.G.G.Y. Jump! It’s just like Doodle Jump and Papi Jump but with the magic of I.G.G.Y.! If you wanna play (who doesn’t?) you can go to: and press the play button (or click the picture: >>>)

Did you play it? if so what are some things you think i could add to the game to make it better?

Heres a video of the game in action: 

If you played what’s your high score? let me know in the comments

Moshlinginfo Sig


8 thoughts on “Moshlinginfo/Wr12’s New game: I.G.G.Y. Jump

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