Monday Update including New Moshlings news!

Hello Everyone, It’s Monday and It’s MME Update time!

Mightiest Moshling 2013
Mightiest Moshling 2013 has started. This weekend we’ve had a few difficulties, but all will return back to normal at 9PM tonight (UK Time!) when results will be posted and two new battles will be uploaded! So keep updated to the Sticky Post at the top of the site! We’ve had a little low in views recently, so please vote!

MME has employed some brand new workers, as part of 3.0, their names are highly visible throughout different parts of Moshi Monsters Expressway. Lukey140701 and Rosscp (myself) will remain here at MME along with Moshlinginfo (who was formerly known as Wr12). Lmummery, a Moshi Monsters Magazine Monster of the Month, has been hired as an editor. You can expect her first post very shortly! We have a few more in the line up, but they are invited and we are currently waiting for them to accept their invites. Could all new workers, please email Moshi Monsters Expressway at, Thanks! 2009fire15 should be posting very shortly about something he has told me. At this point we will not be hiring, unless asked by administrators at MME.

Pirate Takeover
The Pirate Takeover hasn’t ended just yet but should on 18th June 2013, so for now I’ve un-featured the Pirate Takeover post! We’ve all enjoyed the pirate takeover thoroughly, apart from the highly annoying music that some of you have been telling us about!

Slow News
Recently, Moshi Monsters related news has been coming in really slowly, meaning we do not have much to post! We have an all new mission coming soon named ‘Gustbusters’, and we can expect Betty and maybe some other new moshlings to be released shortly!

Brand New Moshling Revealed!CarterMME
Here’s an all new Moshling that has been found! His name is Carter the Barking RahRah, an egyptian themed Moshling thought to be in a new Egyptian set along with King Toot!

Here at MME we’re making MME the very best MME that it can be! We have many projects lined up to improve the experience you have here at MME! We have one very special MME project involving Graphics and adding lots of new pages! More projects include Moshling Guides and Moshling Figure guides and Moshi product guides.

Well that’s your MME update! Thinking maybe every week we could have an MME update? Thank’s for your time! Hope you like the new Moshling!


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